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Large scale IT migration projects means juggling a highly complex array of moving parts. With Dashworks, the only Enterprise IT Migration Project Management Tool, you are always in control, finishing ahead of time and much more cost-effective. 

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Juriba software provides a single source of truth for the migration project and a single pane of glass to view it in. By managing the entire IT transformation project lifecycle using a single tool, enterprises can concentrate on making factual decisions that can accelerate adoption of the latest technology and deliver projects on time and within budget.

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Juriba's Software Dashworks' Life-cycle stages for enterprise migrations

Many IT projects suffer from resource bloat and run over budget and time. Juriba’s Dashworks software solution enables enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT project status and thus reduce project costs by an average of 15%. 

Utilizing a single platform, project managers can bring all critical elements of data warehousing, inventory, rationalization, readiness tracking, scheduling, workflow and end-user communications into a single source.  Consequently, resources can be managed much more efficiently by working from the same project page and in real-time.  

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More than 7 million enterprise end-users across hundreds of organizational projects have relied on Juriba software to ensure their migration is delivered on target with the corresponding communications and self-service.

With Juriba, everyone is happier. End-users experience a consistent and centrally controlled project process that engages them in a far more collaborative way. CIOs experience an authoritative source from which to track the overall project status with flexible reporting options to cut, slice and dice the data for executive dashboard reporting.

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At Juriba, we deliver a unique way to manage IT transformation projects in a consistent, repeatable fashion, whether it be for a user, desktop, virtualization, application, mailbox, servers/data centers, mobile devices or a combination of the above that you are migrating to a new or enhanced platform. 

Our approach to IT migration is steeped in experience which brings a best practice toolset and methodology into the mix, and when supplemented with our implementation services, we take the pain away from managing IT transformation across the full project lifecycle.

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