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Unlock Productivity Investments

"I can't figure out how to fully utilize my productivity investments!"

Demand for enterprise-class productivity products, such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, has steadily increased in

the past years but has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic forced a large part of the workforce to work from home. Whilst end users have welcomed the new tools, IT Teams have had to get used to frequent upgrades to unlock the fullest potential of their productivity investments.


Increase in Microsoft Teams users in just 12 months (Microsoft)


Of software spending is used for productivity, the biggest budget bucket in 2021 (Spiceworks)


Of all SaaS licenses in a typical company go unused each month (Zylo)

Enterprises Are Investing In Productivity Like Never Before

Last year saw the biggest boost in productivity since 1965 as a large portion of the global workforce was forced to work from home almost overnight. Instead of the feared productivity slump, employees adjusted quickly and settled into a highly efficient "new normal".

While we saw an initial spike in productivity products, many large companies are continuing to invest in this newly found Work-From-Anywhere productivity. But managing all these different products on an enterprise scale requires careful planning and strategic rollouts/upgrades to continue to fully benefit from the frequent product enhancements that come with these new platforms.

Unlock Your Productivity Investments To Their Full Potential

In order to have access to productivity and security updates as soon as they are released, enterprise-size IT teams have to first determine the optimum migration paths that allow them to upgrade with maximum velocity and then automate it using smart workflows.

For example, we recently helped a customer simplify and automate their complex, resource-intensive, and therefore very expensive 34-step Office 365 migration process into a 2-click process. This drastically reduced the number of human interactions needed and resources involved in the process, and therefore drastically reduced the project budget.

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