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Below you will find everything you need to accelerate your IT Transformation projects as well as effectively manage your Evergreen IT initiatives.

Windows 11 Assessment Service

Become the hero of your team and get early access to our Windows 11 Assessment Service, the fastest way to assess your hardware and software compatibility for Windows 11!

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The Definitive Windows 11 Migration Project Plan Template [PDF & MS Project]

Evergreen IT / Windows-as-a-Service Project Plan Template [PDF & MS Project]

44 or 124 Weeks? Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration By 65% [eBook]

The Definitive Windows 10 Migration Project Plan Template [PDF & MS Project]

The Ultimate Guide To Successful Evergreen IT Management

Guide: 5 Ways To Automate Your Application Testing & Packaging Process

Infographic: 5 Steps To Automate Your Application Packaging

Infographic: How to Automate Your Application Testing In 5 Steps

The Definitive Office 365 Migration Project Plan Template [PDF & MS Project]

Juriba Acquires AppAvail For End-to-End App Packaging & Testing Automation

The Definitive Guide To Microsoft's X-as-a Service End-of-Life & Version Roadmap

Guide To Accelerating Your Windows-as-a-Service Management [eBook]

Office 365 Enterprise Migration Strategy Playbook [White Paper]

Pillsbury Law Accelerates Windows 10 & Hardware Refresh [Customer Case Study]

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Juriba Educational Video Library (incl. Product Videos)

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Dashworks and Desktop Analytics Demo

Desktop Analytics + Juriba = Stronger Together

Migration Budget Calculator

Dashworks & AppM Training

Dashworks Value Proposition

Juriba's Corporate Fact Sheet

Dashworks Release Notes

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