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Financial services company improves security with digital workplace modernization 

This longstanding North American financial institution has established itself as a leader in the financial services sector. Operating globally, it caters to millions of customers worldwide. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, the company offers a diverse range of financial solutions spanning banking, insurance, and investment services, managing a substantial portfolio of assets. 


In the past, it delivered these services using a large number of legacy systems and management tools, but with security being a #1 priority it had to make significant investments to upgrade and modernize its IT landscape and digital workplaces. Key to achieving this is their ambitious digital workplace strategy. This highly ambitious strategy started with an extensive review of processes and tooling, with a clear remit to retire legacy systems, improve efficiency, and invest in strategic delivery platforms. 


Having defined the business capabilities it needed, they chose Juriba because it was the simplest and most integrated solution for managing application and device lifecycles in one place. Initially implemented for Windows migration and the proactive management of yearly OS upgrades for over 70,000 devices, it is now used to ensure all applications are updated to the most current version, automate deployment tasks (e.g., emergency patching within an hour), and meter application usage to identify and uninstall unused applications. 

Use cases: 

  • OS Migration (Windows)
  • Windows Servicing & OS Lifecycle
  • Application Lifecycle & Rollout Management
  • Evergreen IT Management

Business needs: 

  • Reduce resources & cut costs
  • Increase IT & business agility
  • Minimize risks & business disruption

Head of Juriba implementation team

"Because we carefully planned a tiered deployment in Juriba, the upgrades can simply run in the background. Once set up, each new upgrade essentially runs itself, with the Windows BAU manager checking in daily for potential errors. And the best part are the dashboards that mean we always know what has been upgraded, what is next, and when we are scheduled to finish.”  

Setting a new standard in rollout efficiency and security compliance

The internal team transformed their approach to IT management by focussing on enhanced security and operational efficiency. By maintaining an always up-to-date IT landscape, they are able to integrate the latest security and productivity features and ensure maximum security. As a result, the team has automated the upgrade process to such an extent that updating 70,000 devices, a task that typically takes months for similar-sized enterprises, can now be achieved in just a week. This strategy not only minimizes disruption but also sets new standards in rollout efficiency, enhancing security compliance, and boosting external company ratings. 


The company also manages over 2,000 applications, requiring frequent updates. With Juriba, they've drastically reduced update times from half a day to minutes. This shift from manual to automated processes has not only boosted productivity but also reallocated valuable resources to more strategic tasks.


The time savings are substantial. By automating application management, the team saves 2,655 hours annually, a staggering 98.33% reduction in time spent. This efficiency translates into considerable cost savings, especially when considering the industry average cost of unused applications. 


In addition, the introduction of an automated application metering system has eliminated the laborious task of manual tracking. This not only reduces software wastage but also reinforces a culture of accountability, with applications unused for 90 days being automatically uninstalled. 

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