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Enterprise Office 365 Migration

You’ve already chosen to move the organization to Office 365; now you need help with planning & scheduling your migration. Look no further. 

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Dashworks Puts You In Complete Control Of Your Office 365 Migration 

Migrating tens or hundreds of thousands of users to Office 365 isn't as easy as it initially sounds. Whether you are migrating just your email, fully adopting all of the Office 365 cloud tools, or moving to a hybrid environment, you will need to meticulously plan every aspect of project delivery. 

You must also coordinate multiple resources across multiple teams, liaise with your businesses, communicate with your end users, and ensure that thousands of administrative tasks are completed on schedule. It’s no wonder that so many Office 365 migration projects run over time and budget. This is why you need a central command and control tool from which to coordinate your efforts.

What Our Customers & Partners Say

Trusted by large enterprises all over the world and major service integrators like Microsoft Consulting, Atos, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard, WWT, and Fujitsu, Juriba's software has readied over 7 million assets for their next generation IT platform, and continues to accelerate IT migrations across the globe.

I was spending all of my time updating and passing around spreadsheets trying to schedule handfuls of users. Trying to keep track of who changed what, and which information was current was impossible. With Dashworks, I had everything I needed in one console, was able to see clearly the applications that were holding up my migrations, and schedule hundreds of users across lots of different countries in the same time. Compared to spreadsheets, Dashworks was a revolution.

 Susan Rooney, Project Manager

Benefits Of Using Dashworks For Your Office 365 Migration

Central Command & Control

Migrating to Windows 10, means juggling thousands of dependencies between devices, applications, users, and much more. With Dashworks, your team works in one central command and control platform that is always up-to-date, allowing them to make changes on the fly, kick off T-minus based workflows, and schedule based on user availability and team capacity.

Automated Communication

You will most likely send between 6-10 emails per user during your transformation project — resulting in too many emails to keep track of. Thankfully, Dashworks does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically sending and tracking your T-minus based email communication workflow. It supports multiple languages and even delegates. 

Self-Service Capabilities

A successful transformation project requires end user input. But instead of wasting valuable time with floor walkers use Dashworks' self service portal. This way, your end users can volunteer for an earlier migration date, choose from a list of pre-selected devices, validate application usage, suggest applications for retirement, and much more.

Always Connected To Your Live Environment

Our industry-leading, robust data connectors have been used by enterprises, financial institutions, and service integrators around the world to ready more than seven million assets for successful migration. Over the past years, we have seen thousands of different data anomalies, and built Dashworks to handle them.

Make Sense Of Your Applications

While application compatibility is becoming less of an obstacle, you will need to know which applications you have installed, are compatible, or have an upgrade path. With Dashworks Analysis+, you can run this analysis in minutes and base your app lifecycle strategy on actionable insights rather than guesstimates.

Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration Up To 65%!

By mathematically calculating the most favorable scenario, you can determine your path of maximum velocity — e.g., by readying these widely used X apps, you can immediately migrate XX% of your user base. In addition, you make your team more efficient by providing them with the right tooling for the job.

With Dashworks, you get everything an Office 365 migration project manager needs in one box:

  • Single version of project truth that is always up-to-date — eliminating the need for complicated spreadsheets
  • Single pane of glass that allows each team member with the appropriate security permissions to view anything from project summaries to drilled-down detailed information
  • All resources working on the same data set, dispensing with any miscommunication or finger pointing
  • Real-time impact analysis for the project team to allow you to immediately get actionable insights into quick wins as well as any possible capacity restraints or bottlenecks that could stall your project
  • Reduce project ‘heavy lifting’ with automation of repetitive tasks (e.g., end-user emails, workflow triggers)
  • Better end-user engagement with self-service data validation and scheduling
  • One-stop shop for all your project reporting needs
  • Spin up your next IT migration project in minutes — no reinventing the wheel for future projects

All that heavy lifting associated with collecting and validating information is gone. Automation triggers are taking care of your end-user communications and deployments.  Now you can concentrate on what is important.


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