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Enterprise Email & Office 365 Migrations

Migrating tens or hundreds of thousands of users to Office 365, between O365 tenants, or any other enterprise email client for that matter, isn't as easy as it initially sounds. Whether you are migrating just your email, fully adopting all of the Office 365 cloud tools, or moving to a hybrid environment, you will need to meticulously plan every aspect of project delivery. That is where Juriba Workplace Automation comes in!

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Automation with Dashworks from discovery to migration


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Mailboxes migrated in just 10 months using Juriba

Email and Office 365 Migration - All Mailboxes

How Juriba Can Help

An email migration requires you to coordinate resources across teams, liaise with business units, communicate with your users, and ensure that thousands of administrative tasks are completed on schedule. It’s no wonder that so many email migrations run over time and budget. 

With Juriba, you are always in control, always in the driver's seat, and always moving as efficiently as possible.

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    Full 360-degree visibility. The very premise of Juriba is to give you an always-up-to-date single version of the truth — from project summaries to drilled-down detailed mailbox, scheduling and migration data.

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    Real-time impact analysis for the project team allows you to immediately get actionable insights into quick wins as well as any possible capacity restraints or bottlenecks that could stall your project.

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    Eliminate the ‘heavy lifting’ by automating the labor-intensive, repetitive tasks (e.g., end-user emails, workflow triggers, automated migration).

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    Better end-user engagement with self-service data validation and scheduling

How It Works

Accelerate your email migration by up to 60% by
automating tedious, labor-intensive tasks and orchestrating your migration
and readiness tasks using a central command and control system.

Single Version Of The Truth

Migrating to a new email client means juggling thousands of dependencies between mailboxes, users, delegates, locations, and much more. When working in Juriba's central command and control platform, your team can make changes on the fly, kick-off T-minus-based workflows, and schedule based on user availability and team capacity.

End-to-End Automation

Your email migration project involves thousands of tasks to analyze, check, schedule, communicate and migrate. Thankfully, Dashworks does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically triggering the appropriate actions and workflows to your specific migration process, resulting in better accuracy, reduced risk and high velocity. 

Self-Service Capabilities

A successful transformation project requires end-user input. But instead of wasting valuable time trying to fix information, use Dashworks' self-service portal. This way, your end users can validate delegate rights, confirm device ownership, schedule their migration and much more.

Advanced Data Analysis

Our industry-leading, robust data connectors have been used by enterprises and service integrators around the world to help migrate over 1 million mailboxes to new platforms. By understanding AD accounts, mailbox permissions, device status, O365 licensing enablement and more, you are set for success.

Maximum Velocity

By mathematically calculating the most favorable scenario, you can determine your path of maximum velocity — e.g., which mailboxes are ready to go in early batches vs those with more complex requirements such as legal hold. Your team becomes more efficient through auto-batch creation and can accelerate the migration.

Just some of our
happy customers

Juriba has helped dozens of enterprises, healthcare companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and other large organizations around the globe migrate to new email clients and manage other IT Transformation projects. Here are just a few of our many happy customers.

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