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Vattenfall's modern digital workplace paves the way for sustainable future

Vattenfall is one of Europe’s leading energy companies. It is committed to a fossil-free future, helping industries and consumers to transition to sustainable energy solutions.


Operating in a complex business environment, with a strategic direction that is continuously evolving, Vattenfall must adapt to changing business needs quickly. Critical to supporting this is their digital workplace strategy, and a drive to modernize its digital workplace infrastructure and technologies, leveraging cloud and data-driven insights to improve IT agility whilst reducing overhead.


To deliver on this strategy, Vattenfall embarked on the “Mobile Client Platform” program, a modernization and cloudification initiative designed to optimize operations, enhance employee productivity, and support the company's ambitious sustainability goals. Armed with Juriba's DPC as its digital platform conductor, Vattenfall masterfully delivered a client delivery platform of unprecedented reach.



About Vattenfall:

  • Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat​.
  • Vattenfall has been operational for over 100 years.
  • Vattenfall is a Swedish multinational power company, wholly owned by the Government of Sweden. It operates as a state-owned enterprise.
  • The company employs more than 25,000 people.
  • Headquartered in Solna, Sweden.

From legacy systems to a unified digital workplace

Like most organizations, Vattenfall's IT landscape was a patchwork of legacy systems. This hindered modernization efforts and slowed strategic progress.

“There was no single source of truth for the digital workplace environment which made it difficult to understand what we had. This created inefficiencies and stalled migration projects” explains Ralf Kraski, Vattenfall Project Manager.


The initial challenge was to consolidate multiple data sources from across the organization to gain a clear understanding of the entire digital workplace IT infrastructure. Vattenfall was able to do this with Juriba, creating a single database of information.


By eliminating the time-consuming task of gathering the data manually into spreadsheets, Vattenfall could quickly scope change projects. This allowed the team to plan and execute strategic initiatives with more accuracy and in less time, paving the way for efficient digital workplace transformation within their IT landscape.

Ralf Kraski, Vattenfall Project Manager

"Juriba is an ideal solution to pull together information from disparate sources across the business to give visibility of all digital workplace infrastructure including clients, locations, users, applications, and even departments."

Creating a modern digital workplace that empowers employees to drive innovation.

The business is at the forefront of innovation and leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) to drive sustainability improvements. Achieving this requires a modern digital workplace platform that empowers employees to drive innovation. With over 20,000 devices to manage and a growing demand for updates and platform changes, the team at Vattenfall needed to identify and prioritize the critical areas that required transformation. The first targets were the continuous Windows OS updates.


Vattenfall took control of their complex OS update process with Juriba. By turning raw data into valuable insights, and creating tailored workflows, they were able to better plan, prepare, and deploy updates. To date, over 100,000 and counting! “A key advantage of Juriba is the ability to create tailored, automated workflows that minimize the risk and disruption that is inherent in doing this manually,” explains Ralf Kraski.


Once set up, each new upgrade can be scoped, planned, readied, scheduled, and deployed within a single console. Using the most up-to-date information, through integration with core systems such as Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager, ensures reliable and repeatable change execution.

Embracing cloud for a modern digital workplace

Cloud migration is a cornerstone of the Modern Client Management program, but the team recognized that simply moving technology to the cloud would not suffice. Modernizing the digital workplace required holistic consideration of surrounding processes to deliver a truly seamless user experience.


A prime example was the shift to Intune for endpoint management. Vattenfall understood that simply replacing SCCM with Intune was not enough. They needed to implement orchestration automation to eliminate process delays and enhance the end-user experience.


Leveraging Juriba, Vattenfall automated the end-to-end process for new device provisioning by orchestrating activities across Active Directory, Intune, and ServiceNow. This seamless workflow could be replicated thousands of times, ensuring efficiency and consistency whilst delivering a modern end user experience.

Streamlining Application Management and enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today, Vattenfall manages and automates the provisioning of cloud applications using Juriba. This includes seamlessly integrating with cloud services to ensure that applications are deployed efficiently and in accordance with the company's cloud strategy.

In line with Vattenfall's commitment to supporting hybrid and remote work arrangements, the team is also implementing BYOD policies to enhance the employee experience. Juriba ensures adherence to security protocols and seamless integration of personal devices into the company's IT environment.


Proactive management of a complex digital workplace

The Modern Client Management program extends far beyond its initial objectives, continuing to propel Vattenfall's digital workplace maturity journey. It has transitioned from providing reactive maintenance to delivering proactive asset and application lifecycle management, ensuring the security, performance, and productivity of hybrid and remote employees.


Using Juriba’s DPC as a foundational component of the MCP Project, Vattenfall has managed nearly 400,000 change activities ranging from office moves to platform migrations and ongoing updates. It has further automated 145,000 emails to end users, over 92 million individual tasks and over 180 million outbound transactions to third party systems such as Active Directory, System

Center Configuration Manager, Intune and ServiceNow to action readiness activities or the migration itself.

Ralf Kraski, Vattenfall Project Manager

"The effective management of our complex, fast-changing digital workplace environment is critical. Juriba enables us to deliver our modernization and cloudification program. It allows us to continuously upgrade 25,000+ devices to the latest Windows version, move from on-premises management to Azure management, provision applications to the cloud, transition services and tools, and enable BYOD policies - all within a single platform."

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