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Migrate To A Digital Workplace Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Leverage the power and flexibility of server-hosted virtual desktops to allow your employees to work from anywhere using thin-clients or their own devices — while keeping your IT compliant and safe.

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Achieve Digital Workplace Flexibility While Improving Security, Compliance, and Manageability

Enterprises are faced today with a myriad of conflicting goals. On the one side, employees are demanding more flexibility to create their preferred virtual work environment (e.g., Bring-Your-Own-Device or installing apps without going through the proper channels or seeking IT approval first) and physical work environment (e.g., work from anywhere). On the other side, IT teams are struggling to fulfill these needs and meet increasing compliance, manageability, and security requirements — all with flat IT budgets.

Thanks to the improvements in performance, usability, and costs, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is now the most versatile solution available and offers:

  • Digital Workplace: Employees can access their virtual work environment quickly through VPN — enabling them to work from anywhere (inside or outside the office) 
  • Greater Accessibility: Employees can log on using virtually any thin-client within the corporate space and have access to their personal profile and data instantly
  • Tighter Manageability & Compliance: Since your IT team manages all application on the back-end, they are in control of it at all times. That means no more apps being installed without approval and full version control.
  • Improved Security: With tighter manageability and compliance comes enhanced security. You can proactively roll out patches and updates, enforce your security policies, disallow any unpermitted software installs and much more — keeping everyone up-to-date and safe. 
  • Cost Savings: VDI holds many opportunities for cost savings: First and foremost, enterprises spend less on hardware as thin-clients cost a fraction of full desktops or laptops. Also, since your entire software estate will be more tightly managed and therefore more secure and compliant, you will save on IT management, software licenses, app distribution and much more. 

But despite these compelling drivers for change, the challenge of managing your users onto the new VDI platform involves a complex mix of user candidacy analysis, VDI sizing, application compatibility and packaging, readiness, scheduling and deployment activities.  Like many IT transformation projects, your success will be built upon a clear understanding of the project scope and process whilst managing the myriad of activities in a central place.

Juriba's IT Transformation Management solution. Dashworks. has helped ready more than 6 million assets for migration and is being used by enterprises around the globe to transform their IT estate to Windows 10, Office 365 or onto a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, as well as manage their Evergreen IT & Asset Lifecycle Management. Schedule your demo today and see how Dashworks can help you gain more flexibility.

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