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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Azure Virtual Desktop Migration

Leverage the power and flexibility of server-hosted virtual desktops to allow your employees to work from anywhere using thin clients or their own devices — while keeping your IT compliant and safe.


Project savings per year when managing a virtual desktop migration with Juriba.


Quicker to identify VDI candidates, assess target requirements and trigger the migration workflows.


Faster MSIX auto-conversion and AVD/VDI testing compared to manual processes.


How Juriba Can Help

A lot of companies are looking to virtualization (and Azure Virtual Desktop in particular) to realize cost savings, provide a more flexible work environment, and keep their IT locked down as much as possible. With Juriba Workplace Automation, you can unlock these promises.

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    Actionable insights to right-size your environment. When migrating to VDI or AVD, it is crucial to identify the proper candidates, understand the profile of their current environment, and define what needs to be moved across to their new virtual environment.

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    Unlock the promise of VDI and AVD without the hassle. With Juriba, IT teams can automatically package, test and deploy applications to the chosen VDI platform using appM to accelerate adoption and migration.

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    One integrated platform to manage it all. With Juriba Workplace Automation, IT teams can manage all their projects in one central command and control platform, kick off smart workflows, and automate all labor-intensive tasks whilst also leveraging complimentary data from tools like Aternity, Lakeside and NexThink.

How It Works

Juriba Workplace Automation provides your team with a central command and
control center, end-to-end automation, and smart workflows to efficiently and quickly
manage your entire VDI or Azure Virtual Desktop migration process.

Single Version Of The Truth

With Juriba, you can manage thousands of dependencies between devices, apps, users, the target environment and much more in one always-up-to-date central command and control platform.

Self-Service Capabilities

Allow your users to be an active part of the process by validating or gathering additional data. Users can also re-certify their app requirements and volunteer for an earlier pilot or start their migration early.

Automated Email

In a typical VDI migration project, you will send 6-10 emails/user. Let Juriba do all the heavy lifting by automatically and reliably sending, tracking, and auditing your T-minus-based email communication workflow.

Just some of our happy customers and partners

Dozens of enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and other large companies around the world manage their VDI and Azure Virtual Desktop migrations as well as other IT Transformation and Evergreen IT projects with Juriba Workplace Automation. Here are just a few.

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