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Building An Ecosystem Of Excellence

Juriba has strategic alliances with service and technology partners who specialize in IT transformation project delivery and complementary technology.

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System Integrator Partners

System integrators incorporate our software into their professional services delivery to bring best practice tooling and methodologies to enterprise level user, computer, application, email and server IT migration projects.

By mapping internally developed project planning and execution methodologies into repeatable and scalable solutions for mass planning, scheduling, and deployment, partners can reduce project start-up and delivery time, while providing a familiar interface to resources moving from project to project.

By enabling multiple work streams including application rationalization, communications, scheduling, deployment, business liaison, and, of course, your program management office to work in the same tool, huge efficiencies can be achieved within the project team.









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Some of the benefits for service integrators:

  • A unique and demonstrable way to answer the ‘how are you going to manage this project’ for your customers
  • Accelerate IT migration projects
  • A single version of the truth for all project resources and your project management office
  • A single pane of glass to view all project activities
  • Standardize delivery and reporting across a wide range of project types
  • Build repeatable solutions in a single, familiar interface for multiple teams across multiple customers
  • De-risk the project scope through faster start-up times and data availability
  • Seamless integration with your internal deployment logistics tooling
  • Improved customer experience through better end user engagement and out of the box reporting
  • Automate time consuming, repetitive project management tasks to reduce cost
  • Increase delivery accuracy and certainty
  • Create a platform from which to manage multiple projects moving forward.  No need to reinvent the wheel 

Technology Partners

Technology partners are able to enhance the value of their own solutions through integration with Juriba’s Dashworks software. 

Often, when planning an enterprise IT migration, software for discovery, inventory, application compatibility, application workflow, profile management, user management and deployment management is required. 

Many software vendors offer one, or a combination of these products, but rarely the entire stack. 

By integrating with Dashworks, the customer is able to benefit from a single source of truth that displays the value of the various tools and can enhance them with additional capabilities for project management decision and automation value.











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