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Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

Whether you are issuing company-owned mobile devices or you allow your users to bring their own, with Juriba Workplace Automation, you can automatically manage their lifecycle with 360-degree visibility from birth to disposal.

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Speed up the delivery time of your device refresh by more than 40% compared to traditional methods.


Automate the entire device lifecycle management or device refresh project end-to-end.


Reduce device management cost by automating procurement and logistics process.

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How Juriba Can Help

Available as part of Dashworks' Enterprise platform or a single Dashworks Project Pack, our Mobile Device Lifecycle Management allows you to:

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    Smooth the tidal wave into smaller ripples. Have the ability to better schedule smaller batches of purchased/delivered mobile devices (e.g., 15,000 phones every year rather than 60,000 at once).

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    Better plan your collisions through cross-project visibility. For example, piggyback your device refresh onto your OS update cycle.

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    Automate the entire workflow — from triggering the first upgrade email to getting the new device into the inventory and decommissioning the old device.

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    Achieve end-to-end delivery. Juriba seamlessly integrates with your existing systems like ServiceNow, Intune and Airwatch.

How It Works

Juriba Workplace Automation provides powerful end-to-end automation
via intelligent workflows, self-service, central command & control, and more.


Allow your users to flag a stolen, broken, or lost mobile device using a standard request system like ServiceNow. Since Juriba integrates with these systems, you can set new refresh dates accordingly against the updated device in Dashworks.

Self Service

With Juriba's self-service and T-minus-based automated email capabilities, the heavy lifting is done through intelligent workflows, e.g., an approval or procurement workflow email is triggered after a device is picked from a pre-approved list.

Always In-Sync

As soon as devices are purchased or leased, they are loaded into your lifecycle management project. Based on your parameters (i.e., your refresh period), Juriba will trigger a workflow to initiate and manage the next replacement.

Fast Setup

Setting up your mobile device lifecycle management process couldn't be easier. Simply define your refresh rules and set them as lifecycle management parameters and guardrails. Then onboard any devices you wish to manage.


Support business user-based initiation by reporting the status of your mobile device lifecycles to a business unit or within a location, e.g., quickly run a report to find devices that will go EOL by MM or YY to start replacements.

Just some of our
happy customers and partners

Aging hardware is expensive. By year five, the performance of an IT asset has decreased by about 40%, while maintenance costs have increased by a staggering 148%! Consequently, users will lose productivity or even access to their devices for hours or even days if any issues occur.

We have helped and are helping dozens of enterprises, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and other large organizations manage their mobile device refreshes and lifecycles.

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