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Increase IT & Business Agility

"I need to be able to react much faster to changing demands!"

When COVID-19 shut the world down, there were two types of businesses: those that couldn't adapt and consequently were hit hard and those that thrived because they quickly and efficiently adapted to the changing market demands - often delivering an even better customer experience than ever before. Business agility is now more important than ever and many organizations are now investing in Digital Transformation, but without having an agile, always up-to-date, and constantly upgraded IT estate investments are futile.


Of organizations say IT issues are a major Digital Transformation adoption barrier (NTT)

$6.8 Tn.

Global spending on digital transformation (DX) between 2020 and 2023 (IDC)

2x More

Digital Transformation will take twice as long & cost 2X more than anticipated. (Gartner)

Evergreen IT: An Agile IT Estate That Is Ready For Anything

It is no secret that large big-bang IT Transformation projects that last multiple years are not feasible anymore. IT organizations must be nimble, constantly upgrading in smaller increments and iteratively improving to maintain an IT estate that is not only healthy and peak-performing, but also ready to adjust to changing needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Windows 10 Management and Office 365 ProPlus Servicing are just two examples of how enterprises are managing their IT in an Evergreen IT way, but it applies to all kinds of use cases like hardware refreshes, mobile device management, application lifecycle management, and much more.

Free Up Resources & Budget To Drive Digital Transformation

Keeping The Lights On, while critically important as many C-Suite leaders have found out over the past months is crucial, isn't the main objective of any CIO, CTO, or Head of Workplace — it is to drive Digital Transformation and innovation in order to positively impact the organization's bottomline.

By using smart workflows and automation, you can keep all those crucial upgrade processes, like Windows 10 upgrades, hardware refreshes, and application rollouts, running smoothly in the background — freeing up resources, budget, and time to focus on where you really can make an impact. Let Juriba do the rest!

Let's Talk About How Juriba Can Help You Become More Agile!

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