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Minimize Risk & Business Disruption

"Making changes is very risky. We cannot cause business disruptions!"

In large organizations, the IT department often doesn't get the attention and recognition it deserves. Only when things go wrong

(like everyone suddenly having to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic), does everyone realize the value that IT brings to the

organization! On the flip side, IT is cognizant of how vital it is to cause no disruptions to the daily business operations and to minimize productivity loss when making changes or running updates. 


Of tech leaders changed IT priorities in 2020 due to the pandemic (TechRepublic's CIO Survey)

£3.4 bn.

Of revenue is lost in the UK every year due to productivity loss caused by IT issues (Probrand)

22 Min./Day

Are lost due to technology-related problems / interruptions (Robert Half Technology)

Minimal Risks Through Small, Incremental Change

Large big-bang IT Transformation projects, such as multi-year OS migration projects, caused huge disruptions, were often met with hesitation if not resistance, and therefore carried enormous risks.

By managing your IT environment in an Evergreen IT way, whether it is just upgrading Windows 10 to the latest version every year or managing all aspects of your estate, you drastically minimize the associated risks as change happens predictably, continuously, and in tiny increments.

Juriba Puts Your Evergreen IT On Autopilot

Whether you are managing a huge IT environment with several hundreds of thousands or just several thousand devices, you are juggling countless dependencies (e.g., users, devices, mailboxes, locations, departments, and many more). Done poorly, Evergreen IT can quickly result in a hot mess, but if managed with the right Workplace Automation solution, you essentially put your IT management on autopilot.

With Juriba's Workflow Automation, including its smart workflows, end-to-end automation, self-service, and automated email communication capabilities, as well as its central command and control center, you are always in control and on top of things.

Let's Talk About How Juriba Can Help You Stay In Control!

Just fill out the form and one of our IT Transformation and Evergreen IT Management specialists will be in touch shortly to schedule a 30-60 minute consultation (based on your needs).


After this session, you will walk away with a clear understanding of how your organization can better utilize Workplace Automation to help you keep your entire IT estate always up-to-date, healthy, and secure so you can focus on innovation. No strings attached.