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The Essential Windows 11 Migration & Management Resource Guide

Bookmark this page or sign up for our email updates to stay on top of all the relevant Windows 11 resources created by Juriba. This page will be the central spot to find everything you need to know about migrating to and managing Windows 11 efficiently using data-driven insights, smart workflows, and automation. Over the next weeks and months, we will add project plan templates, planning and deployment guides, and much more.

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Must See Resources

Windows 11 Assessment Service

[Opening Nov. 8th, 2021]

Register your interest to get early access to the fastest way to assess your hardware and software compatibility for Windows 11!

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Windows 11 Project Plan Template

[MS Project, PDF]

Plan your entire Windows 11 migration end-to-end with our fully customizable project plan. Contains 733 action items and milestones.


Windows 11 Migration Planning Basics

[Article Downloadable As PDF]

Set your Windows 11 enterprise desktop migration up for success (and maximum velocity) by following our 14-step planning guide.

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Windows 11 Enterprise Deployment Guide

[Article - Coming Nov. 15th]

Learn how to cut months off your project timeline by deploying Windows 11 efficiently using data, smart workflows, and automation.

Efficient Migration Management

Application Testing & Packaging

  • How To Test Your Applications For Windows 11 [Coming soon]
  • Packaging Complex Applications For Windows 11: What You Should Know [Coming soon]
  • Gotchas You Need To Avoid When Building & Managing Your Application Catalog [Coming soon]
  • Which Application Management Hurdles You Need To Expect When Migrating To Windows 11 [Coming soon]

Windows 11 Assessment Service

Become the hero of your team and get early access to our Windows 11 Assessment Service,
the fastest way to assess your hardware and software compatibility for Windows 11!

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