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Driving IT Transformations For Government Institutions

Successful IT Transformation is built on strategic planning, efficient execution, very good project management and a reliable partner you can trust — especially for government agencies.

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Paving The Way To A Modernized IT

Almost every local, state, or federal CIO has one agenda these days: modernizing multiple sets of assets from different legacy applications to provide government employees and their customers alike with a consistent, digitalized, and improved user experience. To achieve that, systems and infrastructure used must become more agile and easier to manage — allowing access to business rules, processes and knowledge buried deep in the code. This in turn enables the organization to be more up-to-date which significantly tightens security measures. For many, this means evaluating, planning for, and adopting IT services partially or entirely as Software-as-a-Service or in the cloud. 

Besides security concerns, government institutions also have some practical considerations to think about before embarking on an IT transformation project:

  • Tens of Thousands of Employees: Most government institutions have tens or even hundreds of thousands of employees. Any transformation project of this scope can quickly become a costly and risky undertaking.
  • Lots of Internally Developed Applications: Government agencies often use proprietary mission-critical applications that were developed internally over the past decades. While these systems are on different management life cycles and require particular, often ancient management approaches, they have to seamlessly integrate with the newly-adopted technologies and infrastructure. 
  • Interoperability of Mission-Critical Systems: These legacy systems are interconnected and cannot be shut down in order to migrate onto a new operating system. It requires extra-careful planning and efficiency to handle any IT Transformation as swiftly as possible and with minimal disruptions.

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How Can Dashworks Help?

IT Transformation projects are avoidable — but only for a period of time! Having machines run on software or operating systems that have reached their end-of-life or are not supported anymore, puts your organization at serious risks like, for example, security breaches, system failures, data loss and software audits to just mention a few. Besides, the pressure to succeed and to provide a consistent experience (e.g., user interface) across all devices quickly means the migration must stay on track and cannot fail.

Dashworks is an IT Transformation Management Tool that allows IT project managers to automatically gain an exact overview of the IT landscape by providing a single version of the project truth, enable users to give valuable context with self-service and — most importantly for financial institutions — create tailored migration paths for different types of workers for a speedy but smooth migration process. It also makes the discovery, rationalization, and packaging of the significant amount of internally-built, custom applications easier because such applications can otherwise be very problematic to migrate, especially if they are out of support.

CCS-supplier-logo-black-300dpi-1.jpgJuriba has delivered a number of managed services to public sector organizations and can show a solid track record for achieving high value, critical solutions to governmental departments. Acceptance into the UK Government’s latest iteration of G-Cloud further accelerates its integration with the public sector for both IT migration projects and Evergreen IT initiatives.

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