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Worry-Free Workplace Automation For Federal Agencies & Government Institutions

In any government agency, Workplace Automation Management can be extremely precarious due to the number of employees, custom apps, and mission-critical systems that simply cannot fail. This can quickly spiral out of control when adding multiple continuous streams of IT changes (i.e., Windows 10 Servicing) into the mix. But with Juriba's Workplace Automation platform you don't have to worry.


Time savings when automatically packaging apps with the Juriba AppM packaging tool.


Return-on-Investment when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects with Juriba Dashworks.


Project savings with Juriba compared to managing Evergreen IT processes in a traditional way.

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How Juriba Can Help

Juriba's Workplace Automation Management platform provides government IT teams with end-to-end automation, intelligent workflows, and a central command & control center so you can confidently manage all of your IT use cases using one platform.

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    Enable every team member to always have exact insights into their IT environment by providing them with a single pane of glass.

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    Enable users to give valuable context and validate data using sophisticated, yet easy-to-use self-service capabilities.

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    Create tailored migration paths for different types of workers for a speedy but smooth migration process.

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    Quickly discover, rationalize, test, and package the significant amount of custom apps which usually are a nightmare to manage and often hold up projects.

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    Leverage Juriba's acceptance into the UK Government’s latest iteration of G-Cloud which further accelerates its integration with the public sector for both IT migration projects and Evergreen IT initiatives.

Why It Matters

Besides security concerns, government institutions also have some practical
issues to consider before embarking on an IT transformation project:

Huge Number Of Employees

Most government institutions have tens or even hundreds of thousands of employees. Any transformation project of this scope can quickly become a costly and risky undertaking.

Lots Of Custom Applications

Governments often use internally developed mission-critical apps resulting in different life cycles being managing with ancient approaches while still having to integrate with newer infrastructure.

System Interoperability

These legacy systems are interconnected and cannot be shut down for an OS migration. It requires extra-careful planning and efficiency to handle any transformation quickly and with minimal disruptions.

Just some of our
happy customers

We work with many local, state, and federal government organizations around the globe — many of them managing multiple Evergreen IT project streams in parallel on a continuous basis.

Over the past few years, we have delivered a number of managed services to public sector organizations and are proud to be able to show a solid track record of achieving high value, critical solutions for governmental departments.

How Can We Help Your Organization?

Over the past decade, we have helped many government organizations around the globe to ready more than ten million assets for a successful migration. Benefit from our extensive experience and industry best practices by booking your personalized consultation today to get a clear understanding of how automation can enable you to streamline your Workplace Automation Management!