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Cohesive Insight

Get instant and actionable insights into your Digital Workplace.

Unified view across tools

Get a unified, holistic view of your digital infrastructure and dependent applications by coordinating Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) tools.

The insights you need

Improve decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning based on a comprehensive understanding of your data.

Effortless reporting

Configurable, shareable dashboards and reporting that give you the information you need, from high-level overviews to detailed progress reports and specific insights.

Make more informed decisions with 360-degree insights

With Juriba, you can confidently collate and aggregate all the siloed information sources created by tooling such as Microsoft Azure Directory, Intune, SCCM/MECM, ServiceNow, Nexthink, your HR system, and many other data feeds, to create a single source of truth from which to operate. 


Build flexible dashboards to track and measure the performance of your transformation projects, create reports to highlight exceptions or blockers in your transformation projects, and use those reports to trigger automation to remediate or highlight problems.

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Extensive range of chart types

From simple cards to stacked bar charts, there are nine charts at your fingertips to visualize the information you need to convey.

Highly configurable

Wide range of easily configurable reports that allow you to tailor them to your needs, with accessibility options including color, display, and size.

Overlay data with your own inputs

Upload data in CVS format to quickly add additonal context, e.g., to map users to an updated organizational structure.

Pre-canned dashboards

Dashboards give you a visual display on how the project is progressing. You have various options to choose from. For example:
- Device Dashboard
- User Dashboard
- Mailbox Dashboard
- Application Group Dashboard
- Application (All) Dashboard
- Group Task Dashboard
- Executive Dashboard
- Deployment Schedule
- Deployment Calendar
- Task Dashboard by Team
- Task Dashboard by Group
- Task Dashboard by Object
- Recently Updated Objects

Get started with powerful insights 

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