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Project Templates

Instantly access pre-canned project templates, saving valuable time and resources 

Instant business value

Cut deployment times with pre-canned industry best practices, predefined processes, and tailored workflows. Get tangible business value in hours instead of weeks.

Proven processes

Streamline hardware lifecycle, OS migration, and OS upgrade management by using proven processes, workflows and industry best practices.

Configurable & reusable

Install the project template and use as-is, or customize it to suit your needs. You can also generate your own reusable template.

Unlock efficiency and drive success with pre-canned project templates

Access a ready-made framework tailored to your hardware lifecycle, OS migration and OS upgrade management programs.

  • Proven best practices: avoid common pitfalls with templates based on years of industry experience working with leading enterprises.
  • Standardized workflows: predefined workflows designed to suit different stages from deployment to upgrades and migrations
  • Enhanced project management: a structured approach to efficiently track progress, allocate resources, and manage timelines with ease
  • Simplified communication: pre-built templates for employee communication, ensuring consistent and streamlined messaging
  • Scalability and flexibility: customize and extend the templates as needed, ensuring they align perfectly with your enterprise's goals and processes.
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Automatically determine next steps

Define optimal upgrade paths automatically, key for efficient hardware or OS lifecycle management or OS migration. For example, the Hardware Lifecycle template determines the optimal upgrade path based on the type of device.


Project templates are the optimal way to use Juriba workflows to manage your initiative. For example, once a device has been replaced, the hardware lifecycle process is set to complete and you can keep track of your progress.

Pre-canned dashboards

Choose from a variety of pre-defined dashboards to track progress, from top down or bottom up. Each dashboard has all the information you need to keep you on track.

Standard email comms included

All project templates include pre-canned automated email communication that can be tailored to your needs.

Get started with pre-canned project templates

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