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Windows 10 Migration Project Plan Template

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Just how do you plan a project as colossal as an enterprise Windows 10 migration? Download Juriba’s free Windows 10 Project Plan to get your project started right away.

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Windows 10 Enterprise Migration Tool Kit

Download free Windows 10 Migration Tool Kit

Get all of Juriba's Windows 10 resources, such as the customizable project plan, helpful eBooks and guides as well as the budget calculator in one handy package.

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Pillsbury Law Windows 10 & Hardware Refresh Success Story

Download our Windows 10 Migration and Servicing Success Story

Learn how the international law firm Pillsbury Law used Juriba Dashworks for their Windows 10 and Hardware Refresh to create a smooth and accelerated IT Transformation experience.

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Evergreen IT Management Tool Buyer's Guide

Download free Juriba's Dashworks Buyer's Guide

Considering investing in an IT Transformation Management Tool? Download our Dashworks Buyer's Guide to learn more about considerations, licensing and much more.

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Definitive Guide To Managing Your Windows  10 Servicing 

Accelerate Your Windows 10 Branching Upgrades

Don't let the Windows 10 Branching management give you headaches! Download this quarterly updated guide to understand branching and to learn how to manage these frequent rollouts effectively.

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Office 365 Migration Project Plan Template

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Office 365 migrations can be daunting - just think of the scheduling issues of delegate mailboxes. Download Juriba's Office 365 Project Plan to start your project right.

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Office 365 Enterprise Migration Strategy Playbook

Office 365 Migration Strategy Playbook.png

Without sufficient planning and adequate tools, your Office 365 migration can quickly drain your resources! Download this playbook for a play-by-play of the entire process. 

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White Paper: How To Budget For Windows 10 Migration Projects

Windows 10 Migration Process

Struggling to define a clear budget for your Windows 10 enterprise migration project? Download our free white paper for real world budget advice and caculation examples. 

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Finding the Best Path to Accelerate an Effective Windows 10 Migration


Watch this on-demand webinar as Ross Sorensen (HP), Corey Balko (BDNA), and Barry Angell (Juriba) uncover the secrets to accelerating your Windows 10 migration. 

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A Strategic Guide to Windows 10 Servicing

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Watch this on-demand webinar, as Barry Angell from Juriba and Dave Fuller from 1E review the latest in Windows 10 servicing and look at what this means for your organization.


Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration by 65% (eBook)

Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration by 65% (eBook)

This eBook will walk you step-by-step through the entire Windows 10 Migration process and show you how you can accelerate your project timeline to 44 instead of 124 total men weeks! 

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5 Steps Leveraging Big Data To Accelerate Your Windows 10 Migration

Download Windows 10 Migration with Big Data eBook

If you are under the gun to plan a massive migration to the next Windows OS, check out this eBook to learn how you can leverage Big Data to significantly accelerate your project.

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Windows 10 Migration ROI / Budget Calculator

Calculate your ROI with the IT Migration Budget Calculator

Calculate the cost and return on investment of your desktop migration project as you prepare your organization for Windows 10 readiness, using Juriba’s invaluable budget calculator.

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IT Project Manager's Guide To Windows 10 Enterprise Migration

IT Project Manager Guide to Windows 10 Migration

Looking for a detailed walk-through of what you can expect during your Windows 10 migration? Look no further. This extensive eBook can be combined with the project plan.

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A Strategic Approach To Windows 7/8 Migration

Download free Windows 7/8 Strategic Migration Whitepaper

Access our free white papers for best practice guidance and to help identify and address some of the major challenges in readying your enterprise for Windows 7/8 migration.

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Educational Video Library (incl. Product Videos)

Juriba Dashworks Videos

Want to know more about Juriba as a company? Or hear from CTO Barry Angell about how Dashworks can improve your migration projects? Check out or video library.

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Enterprise IT Migration Consultation

Schedule your personalized IT migration consultation

Are you planning to migrate more than 5,000 seats to Windows 10 or another major IT upgrade? Leverage our years of experience successfully migrating 6 million units and find out how you can leverage Big Data to decrease your project management time.

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Personalized Dashworks Demo

Schedule your personalized Dashworks Demo here

Want to see Dashworks in action? Schedule a personalized demo and let one of our trained IT migration experts walk you through the tool, show you some of the best ways to solve your biggest pain points and let you in on some powerful migration best practices.

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Juriba's Corporate Fact Sheet

Juriba's Corporate Fact Sheet

Want to get a quick overview of Juriba?

Download our corporate fact sheet to learn more about Juriba's history, milestones, and mission as well as some insight into our flagship product Dashworks.

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Dashworks Value Proposition


How can Dashworks benefit me?

Download our 1-page Dashworks Value Proposition Statement to find out why leading service integrators and organizations around the world trust Dashworks.

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