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Digital Workplace automation and orchestration

Power any Digital Workplace model. Juriba Enterprise is a complete Digital Workplace management solution that provides the visibility, end-to-end automation, and smart workflows required to manage large IT environments continuously.

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Centralize your Digital Workplace management with the Juriba Platform.

Juriba is the only Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) specifically designed for the complex needs of Digital Workplace leaders in large enterprises. Our platform provides capabilities across complete Digital Workplace management and application testing and packaging, to accelerators for complex IT transformations and ongoing Evergreen IT management initiatives.


It seamlessly integrates with Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management tools, such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Intune, ServiceNow, NexThink, Workspace ONE, and many others, to reliably sync data across the entire Digital Workplace, giving you complete visibility and control of your environment.

  • Intelligent workplace automation and orchestration remove the need for time-consuming work and minimize human error.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and reports unlock insights into your IT environment to help make smarter decisions that maximize the business value from infrastructure investments.
  • Scaling is made simple. The modular design of our capabilities means that once you are up and running on the platform, it’s easy to enable further capabilities.
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Reduce workload through automation

Juriba Enterprise enables continuous digital workplace management, ensuring devices and applications across the enterprise are up-to-date and running smoothly. It means employees get access to the tools they need to be productive.

It includes the full suite of Juriba Accelerators to automate and orchestrate the delivery of IT Transformation or Evergreen IT workstreams.

What our customers say

"I was spending all of my time updating and passing around spreadsheets trying to schedule handfuls of users. Trying to keep track of who changed what, and which information was current was impossible. With Juriba's DPC, I had everything I needed in one console, was able to clearly see the applications that were holding up my migrations, and scheduled hundreds of users across lots of different countries at the same time. Compared to spreadsheets, Juriba was a revolution." — Susan Rooney, Project Manager

Single version of the truth

Knowing exactly who and what you will be upgrading at a moment's notice is crucial when managing continuous IT change. Juriba's Digital Platform Conductor uses centralized analytics data warehousing that allows you to view your entire IT estate in real-time and decide on project criteria and assess in-scope assets.

Central command & control

All relevant objects (e.g., user, mailbox, device, and location) are consolidated and centrally managed in a single, authoritative project system designed for real-time grouping, analyzing, readying, scheduling, deploying, and reporting — ensuring compliance, scalability, and repeatability across all projects and dependencies.

Easy scheduling & fast deployment

As everything is managed in one central command and control center, you can automate your scheduling — boosting the productivity of your project resources by 35-40%. When you are ready, deploy your upgrade with a push of a button. Finally, wrap up your project cycle before getting ready for the next round.

Asset readiness at maximum velocity

Use Juriba's workflow engine with its out-of-the-box and custom smart algorithms to discover acceleration opportunities and prioritize upgrade paths to achieve maximum velocity. Identify potential obstacles, validate data points, and move workflow outcomes to ready faster and with greater confidence.

Automated email communication

Automatically trigger, send, track, and audit T-Minus-based email communication between you and your end users. Supports multiple languages and even delegates.

Self-service capabilities

Empower your users to become an active part of the process with Juriba's self-service portal, e.g., by validating data or self-scheduling with capacity constraints.

Certified connectors & data sources

Utilize our industry-leading, robust connectors to create a refreshable, secure, and actionable link between numerous, disparate data sources and our Digital Platform Conductor.

Professional services

Unlock the fullest potential of your Digital Platform Conductor investment with implementation management and support, consulting, training, and documentation.

Ready to learn more?

Juriba is already the Digital Platform Conductor of choice for forward-thinking teams in

5 out of 10 of the world's largest organizations, and 8 out of 10 of the world's leading System Integrators.