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Dashworks Quick Tour

Learn more about the most important features of Juriba's Dashworks Platform.

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Dashworks is a comprehensive IT Transformation Management and Evergreen IT Platform with too many great features to list — but below you will find the ones our clients ask about the most:

DashworksConnectors.pngIntelligent & Robust Data Connectors

Whether your project is a one time IT Transformation initiative or you are going Evergreen, your team needs to have access to one single source of the truth. Dashwork's data warehouse harvests from industry-leading data sources, such as Microsoft AD, SCCM, Exchange, and many others, while providing the customization flexibility to orchestrate data back into those tools to execute a set of activities.

This extensive data set can be enhanced with additional sources such as organizational location and business unit hierarchies, application compatibility and readiness data, application owners, desk IDs and other inventory information.



Central Command & Control

Handing around dozens of instantly out-of-date spreadsheets isn't an option for project managers anymore in today's ever-changing IT environments.

Add changing migration schedules, the demand for self-service, and other curveballs, and you know your project must have a central command and control platform that offers everything your team needs to manage your project effectively: from executive dashboards, to capacity management, to what-if scenario modeling. 


Application Catalog, Compatibility & Lifecycle (Analysis+ Module)


One of the biggest bottlenecks in all Windows 10 migration efforts is application compatibility. Did you know only about 25% (on average) of the 1,500 applications an enterprise will touch during a large IT Transformation project, are vendor compatible and supported out of the box?

Knowing which 25% will instantly give you a quick win, while you tackle the rest. With Dashworks, you can determine not only which apps are or are not compatible, but which require more extensive testing, if the upgrade path is free or paid, and much more. 

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Example Mail Template-2.png

Automated Email Communication

A large IT Transformation project can easily generate thousands of emails that need to be sent, tracked, and dealt with on a T-minus basis.

By using Dashworks' automated email communication feature, including smart workflows and data-driven insight, you can eliminate weeks off your project timeline while staying in full control of all project communication at all times. 

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Self-Service Portal Application List Verification.jpgSelf-Service Portal

More and more organizations are recognizing the power of giving end users more ownership of their own IT decisions.

They drive IT Transformation initiatives forward by embracing self-service to collect additional or validate data, allowing users to self-schedule their devices for migration, or choosing a to-be-purchased device from a pre-defined list. The possibilities are endless. 


Dashworks - Windows 10 Branch Information (Blog Screenshot I)-1.jpgEvergreen IT

The velocity of change in the IT space has significantly increased in the past few years — for example, Windows 10 and Office 365 require two upgrade cycles a year!

This necessitates a more agile Business-as-Usual or Evergreen IT management approach to ensure your organization stays current. Juriba's Dashworks enables your entire team benefit from a platform that takes your End User IT Change Management to the next level!



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