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Before any project manager can start the complex task of planning their IT migration, they need to understand what they have today. The Dashworks Analysis System is the data warehouse and dynamic baseline for your organizational project data.

It allows you to analyze your critical user, computer, application, mailbox, server and mobile device information in one place and aggregate it to provide unique data visualizations of your current end-user computer environment.

Dashworks Analysis System is robustly built to support all your data warehousing needs: It supports multiple standards for CSV imports to consume additional data and has a mature ETL process that can be scheduled and uses incremental/parallel methods for speed. Furthermore, the system includes intelligent data aggregation to provide asset linkages, out of the box data connectors for standard repositories as well as intelligent search facility enabling the fastest access to the data you need.

But easy information discovery is not the only benefit of Dashworks. In order to best visualize data, the tool includes multiple dashboards to drive asset validation and the ability to drill, cut, slice and dice data to get to the data you need. Also, project managers can easily run "what if" project modeling rules to quickly identify asset compatibility with target IT platforms.

  • Juriba's Dashworks Dashboard
    Juriba's Dashworks Dashboard
  • Juriba's Dashworks Compatibility Index
    Compatibility Index
  • Juriba's Dashworks Mailbox Screen
    Mailbox Screen
  • Juriba's Dashworks User Screen
    User Screen
  • Juriba's Dashworks User Screen
    User Screen
  • Juriba's Dashworks Dashboard
    OS Dashboard

 Intelligent Data Aggregation & Search

No More Spreadsheets: One Version of the Truth

Up to 60% Less Project Management Time


  • Out of the box data connectors for all of the common IT management tools
  • Scheduled, automatic and intelligent data refresh to keep you in sync with your live environment
  • Parallel and incremental data processing methods for speed and scalability
  • File handler for CSV imports to consume additional data
  • Intelligent data aggregation to generate asset linkages
  • Intelligent search facility enabling the fastest access to the data you need
  • Pre-canned, filterable dashboards to drive asset validation and management
  • Drill, cut, slice and dice to get to the data you need, then drill again for further information
  • Project modeling rules to quickly identify asset compatibility with target IT platforms
  • Restricted management console to configure, maintain and support your Dashworks system



Effortless Data Warehousing

Because Dashworks uses connectors to bring data in from your existing tools like Active Directory, SCCM, Exchange, LANDesk, Lakeside Systrack, and many others, establishing and consolidating your project information takes hours rather than weeks. Dashworks knows the data it needs and intelligently de-duplicates, aggregates, and refreshes on a scheduled basis. This way, you are always kept in near-time sync with your live environment.  

You can then layer on relevant organizational information, along with any other data that is needed for the project such as application owners, warranty or lease dates, job titles and desk numbers.  Even if you only have spreadsheets of data, the flexible Dashworks import handler can consume them with ease.  No matter what data source, Dashworks lets you build your a baseline from which to kick-start your project.

Cut, Slice, Dice and Drill for Instant Data Visualization and Validation

Dashworks gives you one central place for all end-user related information: Who owns what? Which applications are they using? Which mailboxes do they have delegate permissions on? Where are they located?  Dashworks has filterable, pre-canned dashboards on users, applications, hardware, mailboxes and pretty much everything else you could possibly need.  From here, you can cut, slice, dice and drill down to as much detail as you want.  

Simply Run "What If?" Scenarios With Fast, Flexible Data Modeling

Sometimes, you just want to know "what if"?  Dashworks has a rule-based modeling system that can quickly identify the impact of program decisions on your project.  How many devices need replacing versus refreshing if my organization doesn't support less than 4GB of memory? How many green users would there be for Windows 10 if I set my top 500 applications to a ready state?  These questions and many more can be modeled and manipulated to help guide you to the best possible path for your IT migration.

All The Information You Want At Your Fingertips With Intelligent Search

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees, especially when you have millions of data rows to review.  That’s why Dashworks makes searching for the data you need a breeze.  Simply type three characters into the search box, and Dashworks will interrogate the warehouse, returning the results you need in a matter of milliseconds.  Now find anything you want, and click through to the information you require instantaneously.  Imagine your project managers having the capability to discover everything they need to about their users in seconds.  That’s the power of Dashworks.

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