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Dashworks Analysis

Get an accurate and actionable understanding of your IT environment within hours, not weeks, with Dashworks Analysis — the data warehouse and data processing foundation of our Workplace Automation platform.

Powering Data-Driven Transformation

Dashworks Analysis is the foundation of Juriba Dashworks, the #1 Workplace Automation Platform.
Enterprises and large organizations around the world rely on its powerful data warehousing and
extensive reporting capabilities to drive Digital Transformation and manage Evergreen IT.

176% ROI

In just 12 months when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects using Dashworks.

39.8% Project Savings

Per year over 3 years when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects with Dashworks.

40% Faster

Speed up the delivery time of your hardware refresh by more than 40%.

What Our Customers & Partners Say

"I was spending all of my time updating and passing around spreadsheets trying to schedule handfuls of users. Trying to keep track of who changed what, and which information was current was impossible. With Dashworks, I had everything I needed in one console, was able to see clearly the applications that were holding up my migrations, and scheduled hundreds of users across lots of different countries in the same time. Compared to spreadsheets, Dashworks was a revolution." — Susan Rooney, Project Manager


How Juriba Can Help

Dashworks Analysis is the powerful data warehouse and processing engine behind our Workplace Automation platform.

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    Smart From The Get-Go. Dashworks knows the data it needs and intelligently de-duplicates, aggregates, and refreshes on a scheduled basis. This way, establishing and consolidating your project information takes hours rather than weeks, and you are always kept in near-time sync with your environment.

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    Fast & Powerful. Scheduled, automatic, and intelligent data refresh to keep you in near-sync with your live environment, as well as parallel and incremental data processing methods for speed and scalability.

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    Powerful Dasboarding & Reporting. Pre-canned, filterable dashboards, and flexible reporting to drive asset validation and management

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    Intelligent Scenario-Based Analysis. With Dashworks Analysis, you have the ability to run what-if scenarios to answer questions such as: How many devices need replacing in the next 12 months based on their warranty or lease date expiring? In addition, use project modeling rules to quickly identify asset compatibility with target IT platforms.

How It Works

Intelligent Data Connectors

Intelligently load data using the industry’s most robust, out-of-the-box data connectors for standard repositories (e.g, MS Active Directory, Desktop Analytics, SCCM/MECM, and Exchange, as well as Aternity and Lakeside Systrack). Then layer on relevant organizational info such as app owners, warranty or lease dates, job titles, and desk numbers via API or CSV imports.

Effortless & Robust ETL

Dashworks Analysis provides you with robust Data Warehousing and mature and performance-optimized ETL processes. Those can be scheduled and use incremental and parallel methods for maximum speed. It also includes online data switching, making it possible to refresh your data without impacting system access.

Intelligent Data Aggregation

Dashworks Analysis includes intelligent data aggregation capabilities to provide data linkages for every asset, enabling project managers to immediately understand the in-scope data. It also gives you one central place for all user-related info: Who owns what? Which apps are they using? Which mailboxes do they have delegate permissions on? Where are they located?

Flexible Data Modeling

Sometimes, you just want to know "what if...?". Dashworks has a rule-based modeling system that can quickly identify asset compatibility with target IT platforms as well as the impact of program decisions on your project. Quickly get accurate answers to questions by modeling and manipulating scenarios to determine the best possible path for your project.

Dashboards & Reporting

To allow you to get the data you need, visualize relevant data to everyone involved, and drive asset validation, Dashworks has filterable, pre-canned dashboards and flexible reporting (incl. CSV exports) on devices, mailboxes, users, apps, and pretty much everything else you could possibly want. From here, you can cut, slice, dice, and drill down as much needed.

Finding Data Is Easy

Project resources have easier and faster access to the data they need with Dashworks Analysis' intelligent search facility, including fuzzy search. Simply type three characters into the search box. Dashworks will interrogate the data warehouse, returning the results you need in a matter of milliseconds.

Ready to get started?

We would love to talk to you about whether or not Dashworks Analysis

is a great fit for your organization and if so, show you how you can use it to drive Digital Transformation and innovation.