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Ultimate Resource Guide To Accelerated Windows Servicing

Everything you need to create a repeatable, automated, and scalable Windows Servicing process that focuses on maximum velocity while minimizing input.

Managing your Windows upgrades can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating.

But with some planning, a methodical approach, and the right tooling, it will make your organization more secure, productive, and agile. Below, we have collected all the resources you need to create a highly automated and scalable process that will not only make your Windows Servicing easier, but also faster and more efficient.


101: Introduction To Windows Servicing

First, let's clarify the basic concept of Windows Servicing, define important terminology, and explain the update release and EoL timeline logistics.

  • Overview of the Windows Servicing concept and terminology. Confused by the new Windows Servicing concept or its ever-changing terminology? Then this is the article for you as we define all relevant terms, pick apart the differences between feature and quality updates, and much more. 

  • Windows-as-a-Service Isn't Just About Continuous Updates — It's About Evergreen IT. Despite Microsoft's marketing efforts, large organizations fear the consequences of this fast upgrade pace as it requires a huge shift towards Evergreen IT — which in turn requires companies to define a Business-as-Usual scope, get business unit buy-in for faster, more frequent updates, and create continuous functions and budget/procurement processes, in addition to automated workflows and repeatable scalable processes. 

  • Windows Timeline & Change LogSince the first introduction of Windows-as-a-Service in August 2015, the new Windows support model has undergone five major changes which are confusing and frustrating to figure out. This article is our most popular and most comprehensive write-up on the timeline logistics of the Windows Servicing model. And the best part: we are always keeping it up-to-date. So bookmark it for future reference. 

  • Important Windows 10 Release & EoL dates. Not sure when Windows 10 version 1809 will go end of life? Or when Windows 7 extended mainstream support ends? Look no further. This article includes all important dates you need to know until January 2020. 

  • How to sell Windows Servicing to your business units. Most business units will be very apprehensive about major changes every 6-18 months. Here are ten ways to not only get them on board, but excited about the faster velocity of change. 

  • Dead-End Streets You Should Avoid At All Cost During Your Windows 11 Migration. No enterprise IT manager can afford to fail in this massive undertaking. However, most haven't rolled out Windows 11 yet. Here are some pitfalls to avoid that we learned from helping dozens of customers ready literally millions of assets for migration.


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201: Strategic Windows Servicing Considerations

After thoroughly understanding the fundamental concept of Windows Servicing, you will need to make some strategic decisions and set up your processes, teams, budget streams, and much more. Section 201 will outline all these important considerations:


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301: Practical Windows 10 Servicing Deployment

As with other complex projects, the devil is in the detail with Windows-as-a-Service. This section will walk you through each step of the way.

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