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Windows 10 Migration & Servicing Streamlined & Accelerated!

No more spreadsheets: Dashworks puts you in control of your Windows 10 migration and update management! Set it up once, re-use it for all your Windows 10 management needs and beyond.

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With Dashworks, You Are In Complete Control Of Your Windows 10 Migration & Servicing Model!

While many large organizations are procrastinating their Windows 10 migration in fear of starting the update race against fast-approaching end-of-life dates, the need to upgrade is undeniable. With Juriba's IT Transformation Management Platform, Dashworks, you can set up a repeatable process that leverages the power of Big Data and automation to accelerate your rollout by up to 65%!

Why Use Dashworks To Manage Your Windows 10 Migration?

  • Single version of project truth — no more spreadsheets
  • Single pane of glass from which you can view project summary or detailed information
  • All resources working on the same dataset within the same application
  • Real-time impact analysis for the project team
  • See who is ready and what is holding you up, immediately
  • Reduce project ‘heavy-lifting’ with automation of repetitive tasks (e.g., end-user emails, workflow triggers)
  • Better end-user engagement with self-service data validation and scheduling
  • One-stop shop for all your reporting needs
  • Spin up your next IT migration project in minutes — no reinventing the wheel for future projects

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By empowering your end-users with self-service and automated communication, they become an asset rather than a liability — helping rather than hindering you. All that heavy lifting associated with collecting and validating information is gone. Automation triggers are taking care of your end-user communications and deployments. Now you can concentrate on what is important. Let the engine do its work while you point it in the right direction.


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