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OS Migration Management (Windows & Mac)

Migrating to a new operating system, whether it is Windows or Mac, means juggling thousands of dependencies. With Juriba Workplace Automation you streamline the process end-to-end — making it painless for your team and your end users.

Win 10 Migration Dashboard

Faster compared to traditional OS migration projects through smart workflows.

10 Mill.

Assets readied for successful migration using Juriba Workplace Automation.


Return-on-investments achieved on average when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects.


How Juriba Can Help

By driving your Windows 10 or Mac migration using Juriba, you can not only prioritize and score big wins early on but also make your team more productive as they collaborate in real-time, based on actual data — rather than handing around outdated spreadsheets.

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    Migrate as fast as possible. Determine your path of maximum velocity based on real data, actionable insights, and built-in logic.

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    Significantly cut your resources and time. By using smart workflows, automated T-minus-based user communication, and self-service capabilities, you eliminate the manual labor-intensive and capacity-consuming workload of your migration project.

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    Minimize user disruptions and associated risks. Because the process is so painless and streamlined, your end users will want to be a part of the migration process rather than block it!

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    Keep track of everything. Managing different OS lifecycles, versions, and/or builds? With Juriba, you easily keep track of everything in one central command and control center.

How It Works

Juriba's Workplace Automation Platform provides you with a central place to
manage all your data, workflows, and dependencies.

Command & Control

Migrating to a new OS means juggling thousands of dependencies, e.g., devices, apps, users, and locations. By working in one central, always up-to-date command & control center, you can make changes on the fly, kick off workflows, and schedule based on user availability/team capacity.

T-Minus-Based Emails

On average, OS migrations require 6-10 emails/user — resulting in too many emails to keep track of. Thankfully, Juriba does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically sending and tracking your T-minus-based email communication. It supports multiple languages and even delegates.

Self-Service Capabilities

Stop wasting valuable time with floorwalkers and use Juriba's self-service capabilities to collect the required end user input, such as volunteering for an earlier migration date, choosing from a list of pre-selected devices, validating app usage, suggesting apps for retirement, and much more.

360 Degree Visibility

Our robust industry-leading data connectors have been used by all types of large organizations to ready more than 10 million assets for migration — giving them full 360-degree visibility into this project and across related projects.

App Testing & Packaging

Don't let the constant app packaging and testing required for OS migrations hold you back! Streamline and accelerate your packaging and testing process by 97% by automating it end-to-end for 90% of your apps right out of the box.

65% Time Savings

By mathematically calculating the most favorable migration paths, you can determine your path of maximum velocity, e.g., by readying these widely used X apps, you can immediately migrate XX% of your user base — making your team more efficient .

Just some of our
happy customers

Enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, and pharmaceutical and other large companies around the world trust Juriba when it comes to managing their OS migration and many other IT Transformation projects. Here are just a few of our happy customers.

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