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Accelerate Your Office 365 Update Management

You’ve already moved your organization to Office 365; now you need help with planning & scheduling your client update management. Look no further — Dashworks can help!


Dashworks Streamlines And Accelerates Your Office 365 Client Update Process

In the same way that Microsoft releases two feature updates per year for Windows-as-a-Service, Office 365 ProPlus is subject to the same level of change; one in March and one in September. During this rollout process, you are juggling dozens of resources across multiple teams, and you have to liaise with your businesses, communicate with your end users, and ensure that thousands of administrative tasks are completed on schedule. 

This could be a really daunting task and you have two options:

  1. You could slowly schedule and roll out updates to your entire user base using spreadsheets and manually cranked databases. But this is highly inefficient, costly and, most of all, very risky! Since the communication and collaboration platform Office 365 quickly becomes the lifeline of your business, failure, business disruptions, or delays aren't an option and, therefore, any potential security risk must be minimized.
  2. Or you could approach your Office 365 update management strategically and use automation and the right tooling to create a scalable "industrialized" process framework once which allows you to eliminate subsequent project setup, onboarding, command and control and scheduling logistic issues. You simply set it up once, onboard your users and off you go.

This is where Juriba's IT Transformation Management platform, Dashworks, comes in.

How Dashworks Can Help

Dashworks, Juriba's IT Transformation Management Platform can help you keep your operating costs low while keeping on top of your Office 365 ProPlus client lifecycle. All of the data you need is in one place including client versions, hardware specification (e.g. disk space), user attributes, Office PlugIns. mobile devices and any other data needed to help plan, analyze and execute the upgrade. On announcement of the new feature release availability, a project can be quickly established using the same industrialized framework suitable for your organization in managing thousands of client updates. Dependency tasks will be tracked, workflows set in place and early adopters set for rollout testing.

You can further automate your rollout tasks using smart workflows and data-driven insight, as well as deploy automated and targeted email communication and self-service to empower your users to become an active part in the project. Let Dashworks do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate weeks of man effort and significantly increase your agility and Business-as-Usual team readiness.

With Dashworks, you get everything your Office 365 update management process could need — in one box:

  • Single version of project truth that is always up-to-date — eliminating the need for complicated spreadsheets.
  • Single pane of glass that allows each team member with the appropriate security permissions to view anything from project summaries to drilled-down detailed information. All resources work on the same data set, dispensing with any miscommunication or finger-pointing.
  • Real-time impact analysis for the project team to allow you to immediately get actionable insights into quick wins as well as any possible capacity restraints or bottlenecks that could stall your project.
  • Automated email communication to reduce project ‘heavy lifting’ with automation of repetitive tasks (e.g., end-user emails, workflow triggers).
  • Self-service capabilities for self-service scheduling, data validation and much more to improve end-user engagement.
  • Run multiple projects at the same time, e.g., manage your Windows 10 Servicing, BAU hardware refresh and Office 365 updates all in one tool.
  • Reuse existing work for future projects: Spin up your next IT migration project in minutes — there is no need to reinvent the wheel for future projects.
  • One-stop shop for all your project reporting needs — whether your schedulers need to drill down deep or your executive management needs a high-level overview in the form of dashboards, you are prepared.
All that heavy lifting associated with collecting and validating information is gone. Automation triggers are taking care of your end-user communications and deployments.  Now you can concentrate on what is important.


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