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Enterprise Office 365 ProPlus Servicing

You’ve already moved your organization to Office 365. Now you need help with planning and scheduling your client update management. Look no further — Juriba's Workplace Automation can help!

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Faster migration with Juriba compared to traditional upgrade methods


ROI when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects with Juriba

>1 Mill

Clients deployed for M365 and Teams using Juriba

Dashworks - O365 ProPlus Dashboard (1)

How Juriba Can Help

During this rollout process, you are juggling dozens of resources across multiple teams, and you have to liaise with your businesses, communicate with your end users, and ensure that thousands of administrative tasks are completed on schedule. Juriba's Workplace Automation keeps your operating costs low while keeping on top of your Office 365 ProPlus client lifecycle.

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    Everything in one central location. All of the data you need to plan, analyze, manage, and execute your Office 365 ProPlus client upgrades is in one place including client versions, hardware specifications (e.g., disk space), user attributes, and Office plugins.

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    Quickly establish your project using the same industrialized framework once the feature update availability is announced. Dependency tasks will be tracked, workflows set in place, and early adopters set for rollout testing.

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    Automate your rollout tasks using smart workflows and data-driven insight, as well as deploy automated and targeted email communication and self-service to empower your users to become an active part of the project.

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    Let Dashworks do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate weeks of man effort and significantly increase your agility and BAU team readiness.

How It Works

Accelerate your Office 365 Servicing by up to 60% by
automating tedious, labor-intensive tasks and orchestrating your upgrade
and readiness tasks using a central command and control system.

Single Version Of The Truth

Upgrading your Office 365 clients means juggling lots of dependencies between mailboxes, users, delegates, locations, and much more. When working in Juriba's central command and control center, your team can make changes on the fly, kick-off T-minus-based workflows, and schedule based on user availability and team capacity.

Automated Communication

You will most likely send between 6-10 emails per user during your transformation project — resulting in too many emails to keep track of. Thankfully, Dashworks does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically sending and tracking your T-minus-based email communication. It supports multiple languages and even delegates. 

Self-Service Capabilities

A successful Evergreen IT project requires user input. But instead of wasting valuable time with floor walkers, use Juriba's self-service portal. This way, your end users can volunteer for an earlier upgrade date, choose from a list of pre-selected options, validate app usage, suggest applications for retirement, and much more.

Live Environment

Our industry-leading, robust data connectors have been used by enterprises, financial institutions, and service integrators around the world to ready more than ten million assets for a successful migration. Over the past years, we have seen thousands of different data anomalies and built Dashworks to handle them.

Maximum Velocity

By mathematically calculating the most favorable scenario, you can determine your path of maximum velocity — e.g., by readying these widely used X applications, you can immediately migrate XX% of your user base. In addition, you make your team more efficient by providing them with the right tooling for the job.

Just some of our
happy customers

Juriba has helped dozens of enterprises, healthcare companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and other large organizations around the globe manage their Office 365 Servicing as well as manage other IT Transformation projects. Here are just a few of our many happy customers.

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