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Juriba Dashworks Application Manager Smoke Testing

Easy, Simple, And Fast Automated Evergreen IT Smoke Testing

Evergreen IT Smoke Testing In Minutes

Over the past few years, the pace of technological change has significantly increased. For example, while companies formerly migrated to the latest Windows operating system every four to six years, they now are upgrading to the latest Windows 10 OS every six to twelve months. Consequently, organizations have to keep a much tighter handle on their application estate and test it almost on a constant basis. If done manually, this is a very lengthy, costly, and frustrating process. 

With Juriba Dashworks Application Manager's Smoke Testing module, Evergreen IT Management becomes a breeze. Even complex apps can be tested for correct installation, launch, execution of key test scenarios, shut-down, and uninstall within 30 minutes — something that would have taken hours or even days before. Its advanced testing and customization capabilities combined with its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and smart workflows allow even the most non-technical users to perform sophisticated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in a reliable and fast fashion.

Automated UAT & Smoke Testing Is Essential For Evergreen IT

The new Juriba Dashworks Application Manager Smoke Testing solution with its new automated smoke testing, functional testing, UAT, and application management capabilities is an important puzzle piece to managing Evergreen IT successfully. IT managers are, for example, able to queue in hundreds of apps for automatic testing over the weekend, knowing that on Monday they will have 100 percent coverage without manual intervention, which means they can immediately put the next steps into motion based on smart workflows and automation.

Barry Angell, CEO of Juriba

Evergreen Smoke Testing

Benefits Of Juriba Dashworks Application Manager's Smoke Testing Module


Perfect For Non-Technical Users

Empowers your non-technical users to capture automated smoke test scripts and simply perform application user acceptance testing (if necessary) within a tightly managed environment but without the management overhead.

Perform Automated Smoke Testing 

Utilizes smart workflows that enable you to test many complex situations and scenarios. It manages pre-requisites and dependencies, and can execute multiple different test scripts to ensure your applications are 100% compatible.

Significantly Reduces Testing Times

Test as many applications as you want/need without having to worry about capacity or time constraints. Juriba's Smoke Testing module runs through simple apps in 5 minutes, apps of medium complexity in less than 15 minutes, and complex apps in as little as 30 minutes. Achieve full velocity with your testing processes against a new OS or patch.


  • Allows non-technical users to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) manually by scheduling the test, or automatically by either firing up a virtual machine to record and playback the test or by recording the test locally
  • Sophisticated testing. Identifies if AppV clients are enabled, if any UDT/UAT scripts are enabled (and if any are, it executes these scripts), or if the application forces a restart incl. prerequisites at the end of an install
  • It allows multiple environments, scheduling, and much more
  • Can be launched as a predefined or custom user (not only as an admin)
  • Patch testing
  • Report on RAG status (success or failure) for apps tested with the ability to dive deeper if test should fail
  • Schedule your to-be-tested applications ahead of time (e.g., on Friday night to be reviewed on Monday)
  • Allows for multiple environments, builds, and versions (e.g., Win 10 1903 in one location and Win 10 1909 in another)
  • Virtual Machine Pool manager including prioritization of queue
  • Create your own customer reporting requirements with the ability to override results (e.g., if application had a warning but actually tested fine)
  • Customizable in branding, incl. documents produced
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