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Windows-as-a-Service Management

Take the headaches out of your Windows-as-a-Service Management with Dashworks. Roll out new feature updates to hundreds of thousands of users efficiently using Windows Deployment Rings and our built-in project frameworks and workflows.

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Smooth Sailing For Your Windows-as-a-Service Upgrade Cycles — Every Time!

While many large organizations are procrastinating their move to Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) in fear of starting the update race against fast-approaching end-of-life dates, the need to upgrade is undeniable. The increasing demand for agility, innovation, and Digital Business Transformation coupled with the growing threat of business disruptive cyber attacks, staying up-to-date is crucial.

With Juriba's IT Transformation Management Platform, Dashworks, you can set up a repeatable process that leverages the power of analytics and automation to accelerate your rollout by up to 65-80%! If you used Dashworks for your Windows 10 transformation, you are already ahead of the game. Simply create your perpetual project framework, onboard all in-scope users and devices, and assign them to their appropriate deployment rings, and you are ready — over and over again.

Since all relevant information is held inside one central command and control platform, you can use smart workflows and automated email communication to do the heavy lifting for you. By setting up a repeatable Windows 10 feature update process in Dashworks, you can shave off 65-80% of your workload compared to doing it with spreadsheets and hand-cranked databases.

Use Dashworks To Create A Scalable & Repeatable Windows 10 Servicing Process

Every subsequent feature update is essentially a mini-migration — but thankfully with less testing, fewer application compatibility issues, and far fewer headaches. However, since you will need to roll out a new version of Windows every six to twelve months, you need to rethink your infrastructure and application management and set up an industrial, repeatable process that will virtually guarantee a smooth rollout and an outstanding customer experience every time!

To accomplish this, you have to rely on precise and actionable insight across your entire estate at any moment in time. You will need to know which devices require an upgrade and how that fits into your hardware lifecycle, which users are assigned to which deployment ring, are available for a migration now, in a week, or in a month from now — and how many you could realistically get under your belt, given current and future capacity, and much more. By managing your Windows-as-a-Service Management through Dashworks' sophisticated data warehousing technology, big data and project management capabilities, you could speed up your rollout by 65%!

What Our Customers & Partners Say

Trusted by large enterprises all over the world and major service integrators like Microsoft Consulting, Atos, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard, WWT, and Fujitsu, Juriba's software has readied over 7 million assets for their next generation IT platform, and continues to accelerate IT migrations across the globe.

I was spending all of my time updating and passing around spreadsheets trying to schedule handfuls of users. Trying to keep track of who changed what, and which information was current was impossible. With Dashworks, I had everything I needed in one console, was able to see clearly the applications that were holding up my migrations, and schedule hundreds of users across lots of different countries in the same time. Compared to spreadsheets, Dashworks was a revolution.

 Susan Rooney, Project Manager

Benefits Of Using Dashworks To Manage Your WaaS Upgrades

Central Command & Control

Migrating to Windows 10, means juggling thousands of dependencies between devices, applications, users, and much more. With Dashworks, your team works in one central command and control platform that is always up-to-date, allowing them to make changes on the fly, kick off T-minus based workflows, and schedule based on user availability and team capacity.

Best Practice WaaS Templates

Over the past years, we have helped our clients ready more than seven million assets for migration — and learned a lesson or two along the way. Now, you can have access to years of managing WaaS updates baked right into Dashworks as industry best practices and out-of-the-box functionality, e.g., management using deployment rings.

Self-Service Portal

Allow your users to raise their hand to be part of an earlier pilot phase or start their migration early. This makes them an active part of the process which results in greater buy-in from your entire user base. You can also use the self-service portal to validate data, gather additional information, re-certify their application requirements, and much more.

Takes The Guesswork Out Of Windows 10 Servicing

Speed is of the essence when it comes to WaaS management. Take the guesswork out of you bi-annual or yearly update cycles with Dashworks real-time impact analysis that allows you to mathematically determine the path of maximum velocity in minutes.

Automated Email Communication

You will most likely send between 6-10 emails per user during your transformation project — resulting in too many emails to keep track of. Thankfully, Dashworks does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically and reliably sending, tracking, and auditing your T-minus based email communication workflow.

Leverage Windows Upgrade Analytics Telemetry Data 

Windows Upgrade Analytics, while it is not a sufficient project management tool to handle the end to end planning, assessment, rationalization and readiness components of your migration, provides very useful telemetry data to help identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade and suggest fixes.

  • Easy Project Setup & Fast Ramp-up. Never re-invent the wheel again. Once you have an initial project framework in place, skip "Planning for the Plan" by cloning your project set up for each cycle. Then iterate and improve upon it as you learn along the way!

  • Discovery & Assessment. After you've defined your project guardrails and rules, you will need to identify your project scope, your data sources and validate any assumptions. To streamline deployment, you can assign each user to a deployment ring (rollout wave).

  • Leverage Telemetry Data From Microsoft Desktop Analytics. Microsoft Desktop Analytics, while it is not a sufficient project management tool to handle the end to end planning, assessment, rationalization and readiness components of your migration, provides very useful telemetry data to help identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade and suggest fixes.

  • Trigger Deployments In Tools Like Configuration Manager (SCCM). Dashworks integrates with Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). so you can trigger upgrades and feature releases.

Having successfully readied millions of assets for migration, we know from experience that the more your IT stays evergreen, the easier it is to manage. Instead of trying to skip and defer as many upgrades as you can, you will be better off by creating a repeatable and scalable process that uses best-practices, pre-canned project templates, and improves with each iteration. 

Dashworks 5.2 - Evergreen IT Projects

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