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Windows 10 Servicing & OS Lifecycle Management

Take the headaches out of your Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) Management with Juriba Workplace Automation. Roll out new feature updates to hundreds of thousands of users efficiently using our smart workflows, end-to-end automation, and built-in best practices.


Project savings per year when managing Windows Servicing upgrades with Dashworks.


ROI after only 12 months when managing WaaS and other Evergreen IT projects using Juriba.


Time savings managing WaaS upgrades with Juriba compared to traditional methods.


How Juriba Can Help

Juriba Workplace Automation provides you with everything you need to manage your OS lifecycles efficiently and intelligently — from choosing and onboarding the first pilot testers to deploying the last VIPs and wrapping up end-of-project support and reporting.

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    One single version of the truth. All project resources work off the same always-up-to-date data set, significantly improving efficiencies.

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    Heavy lifting done automatically. Automate all those manual labor-intensive tasks, e.g., by triggering deployment or managing T-minus-based project emails automatically.

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    Make your end users part of the process. Empower your end users to become an active part of their migration (e.g., by choosing a migration date, validating data, and much more) with Juriba's self-service capabilities.

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    Smart workflows end-to-end. Determine the path of maximum velocity based on real data and mathematical algorithms.

How It Works

Juriba Workplace Automation provides your team with a central command and control
center, end-to-end automation, and smart workflows to efficiently and quickly manage your
entire Windows Servicing and OS lifecycle management process.

Built-In Best Practices

Take advantage of years of experience managing WaaS updates for large organizations in the form of industry best practices baked right into Juriba as out-of-the-box functionality, e.g., ring eligibility analysis.

Windows Ring Scoping

Speed is of the essence when managing OS updates. Mathematically determine the path of maximum velocity in minutes using our real-time impact analysis as well as Windows Ring Scoping.

Automated Email

For every OS upgrade cycle, you could send 6-10 emails/user. Let Juriba do all the heavy lifting by automatically and reliably sending, tracking, and auditing your T-minus-based email communication workflow.

App Compat Integration

Utilize Juriba's AppM auto-testing module or 3rd party feeds to not only help identify any possible application usage or compatibility issues that can block an upgrade, but also suggest fixes.

Self Service Capabilities

Allow your users to be an active part of the process by validating or gathering additional data. Users can also re-certify their app requirements and volunteer for an earlier pilot or start their migration early.

Single Version Of Truth

With Juriba, you can manage thousands of dependencies between devices, apps, users, and much more in one always-up-to-date central command and control platform.

Just some of our happy customers and partners

Dozens of enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and other large companies around the world manage their Windows-as-a-Service upgrades as well as other IT Transformation and Evergreen IT projects with Juriba Workplace Automation. Here are just a few.

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