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Hardware Refresh & Device Lifecycle Management

360-degree visibility into all devices from birth to disposal.
Rule-based, data-driven, and automated Evergreen Hardware Refresh & Device Lifecycle Management.
Seamless integration with your existing systems like ServiceNow for end-to-end device delivery. 
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Speed up the delivery time of your hardware refresh by more than 40% compared to traditional methods.


Automate the entire hardware lifecycle management or hardware refresh project end-to-end.


Reduce asset management cost by automating procurement and logistics process.

Organizations Struggle To Refresh Their Hardware Estate Due To Lack Of Adequate Insight & Tooling

Large organizations often struggle to maintain and refresh their hardware estate because they lack adequate insights and tooling to get the job done effectively. IT delivery teams require an automated and scalable way to

  • Automate the replacement initiation process
  • Manage the selection, readiness, ordering, and reporting of new devices in bulk
  • Understand program-level information to drive the change
  • Find out if a device hasn't been used and quickly determine if an employee is using multiple devices

  • Deal with device stock level maintenance issues to ensure proper delivery and assignment of the new device with leasing partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo

  • Manage labor-intensive, repetitive tasks such as end-user email communications and scheduling

  • Monitor hardware for application compliance (minimize or eliminate the use of forbidden apps
  • Monitor Assess and remove applications on new, unused devices

As a result, organizations often juggle multiple already outdated spreadsheets without any automated end-user engagement such as self-service for replacement booking. This leaves them without a single version of truth for traceability and reporting and makes it hard to drive efficiency. Consequently, the employee technology experience suffers, leading to poor productivity and performance, end user satisfaction issues, and a lack of good lifecycle management. 


How Dashworks Can Help

Juriba Dashworks provides powerful end-to-end hardware refresh and device lifecycle management automation via intelligent workflows, self-service, central command & control, and more.

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    Integration with existing IT systems (inventory, procurement and ITSM e.g., Microsoft SCCM/MECM, ServiceNow, and more)

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    End user self-service data validation

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    Automated email communication (e.g., T-Minus triggered)

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    Workflow automation of common as well as custom processes

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    Self-service appointment scheduling (within capacity)

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    Asset lifecycle tracking from birth to destruction

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    Central stock inventory management

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    Detailed dashboards and project reporting

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    Automatic, rule-based asset readiness tracking

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    Full audit history

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    Configurable role-based access

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    Multi-language capability

Dashworks Capabilities

Asset Lifecycle Management

Dashworks gives you a complete solution for hardware lifecycle management, allowing you to centrally manage all of your devices from birth to destruction in one central command and control center.

Device Forward Pathing

Map any devices to their replacements, understand and manage relationships between devices, plan a device forward-path ("Next Replacement Devices"), and maintain full replacement audit history.

Hardware Compatibility

Define hardware compatibility rules (e.g., Windows 11) to determine each device's status. This can be combined with the application compatibility to give a total compatibility status for each object.

Stock Inventory Data Import

Plan for hardware refreshes and break-fix incidents more precisely and faster by importing device birthing data and managing new devices before they are connected or appear in your SCCM/MECM.

Device Traceability

Allow your users to flag a stolen, broken, or lost device using a standard request system like ServiceNow. Since Juriba integrates with these systems, you can set new refresh dates accordingly against the updated device in Dashworks.

Automated Email Comms

Let Dashworks do the heavy lifting by utilizing its T-minus-based automated email communications and intelligent workflows, e.g., an approval or procurement workflow email is triggered after a device is picked from a pre-approved list.

End User Self Service

With Juriba's popular self-service capabilities, end users can validate data, pick their preferred device from a pre-approved list, schedule their replacement dates within your team's capacity, and much more.

Evergreen IT Management

As devices are purchased or leased, they are loaded into your Evergreen IT project. Based on your parameters (i.e., refresh period or lifecycle management data), Dashworks will trigger a workflow to initiate and manage the next asset replacement.

Fast Setup & Reusable

Set up your project fast and easily by defining your hardware refresh rules and setting them as project parameters and guardrails, e.g., which laptop choices you will allow and how to default them to a new option. Reuse for future projects.

Dashboarding & Reporting

Reporting of the asset lifecycle to a business unit or within a location to support business user-based initiation, e.g., to spend extra budget or fill capacity, or quickly run a report to find devices that will go EOL by MM or YY to start replacements.



Available as part of Dashworks' Enterprise platform or a single Dashworks Project Pack, our Hardware Refresh & Device Lifecycle Management allows you to:

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    Smooth the tidal wave into smaller ripples. Have the ability to better schedule smaller batches of purchased/delivered devices (e.g., 15,000 devices every year rather than 60,000 at once).

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    Better plan your collisions through cross-project visibility. For example, piggyback your hardware refresh onto your Windows 10 service update cycle.

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    Automate the entire workflow — from triggering the first upgrade email to getting the new device into the inventory and decommissioning the old device.

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    Take advantage of end-to-end delivery. Juriba seamlessly integrates with your existing systems like ServiceNow and Microsoft MECM.

Some of our
happy customers

Aging hardware is expensive. By year five, the performance of an IT asset has decreased by about 40%, while maintenance costs have increased by a staggering 148%! Consequently, users will lose the ability to be productive or even lose access to their devices for hours or even days if any issues occur.

We have helped and are helping dozens of enterprises, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and other large organizations manage their hardware refreshes and lifecycles.

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