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Evergreen IT

Whether you are getting your toes wet by adopting Windows-as-a-Service or fully managing your entire estate in Business-as-Usual, Dashworks is your IT Transformation Management Platform of choice.

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The Way We Purchase And Utilize IT Has Changed. The Way We Manage It Has To Adapt.

The environment we operate our IT estate in has changed significantly over the past years. For example, the number of cyber threats has doubled in the last three years alone and hardware as well as software vendors are scrambling to patch exposed vulnerabilities. In addition, many enterprises opt for moving business-critical parts of their infrastructure into the cloud to increase their agility and cut costs. This requires faster and more frequent update and upgrade cycles to keep up-to-date and secure and, therefore, a new way of managing IT. 

Evergreen IT, the perpetual transformation and improvement of end-user software, hardware and associated services such as mailboxes, telephony, file storage and the infrastructure supporting the technology, is the answer to that need. But it requires more than signing a Software-as-a-Service subscription contract: you will need a combination of people, process, and technology to deliver optimal results, as well as budgetary and executive commitment to ensure that no end-user technology is ever left behind. For hardware, it means that every piece of physical equipment is kept within warranty or lease and is refreshed on a fixed timeline.

The process means that the organizational processes for procurement, licensing, scheduling, communications and deployment are in place and highly repeatable. For this, creating a set of tasks that are repeatable and in constant use will be vital. This is where Juriba Dashworks can help!


Windows 10 Servicing 

Streamline your Windows 10 Servicing management with Dashworks by setting up a repeatable process that leverages the power of analytics and automation so you can accelerate your update rollout by up to 65-80%!


Office365Office 365 Management

Accelerate your biannual Office 365 update rollout by creating a scalable "industrialized" process framework once which allows you to eliminate subsequent project setup, onboarding, command and control and scheduling logistic issues. You simply set it up once, onboard your users and off you go.


SkypeforBusinessBusiness-As-Usual Application Rollout Management

Rollout on-premise applications, like Office 2019, Skype for Business, or Bloomberg, into your Evergreen IT estate without losing control or causing disruption or conflicts. 


LaptopContinuous Hardware Refresh & Device-as-a-Service

Use Juriba's IT Transformation Management platform, Dashworks, to manage your hardware refresh cycle in Business-as-Usual mode — resulting in reduced hardware costs, increased productivity, and less business disruption by staying on top of your hardware asset lifecycle. 



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