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Enterprise-Scale Application Rollout

Accelerate your application rollout process by up to 85% with Juriba's Workplace Automation solution, Dashworks. Once you set up your project and onboard all in-scope users and devices, you are ready to go.


Of CIOs think that less than half of their in-house apps are mission-critical (CapGemini)


Apps are, on average, touched when managing an IT Transformation project (Flexera)


Faster application packaging and testing compared to traditional methods (Juriba)

How Juriba Can Help

Rolling out a new application with Dashworks isn't different from managing your Windows 10 Servicing or hardware refresh. Simply load your inventory from SCCM and equivalent tools into Dashworks and define your scope based on your specific criteria. Then, you can create a repeatable application rollout project framework. Doing so has multiple benefits:

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    Reduced application footprint. Managing your app estate as tightly as possible reduces the risk of Shadow IT and application sprawl and reduces the number of applications you need to manage, maintain, and pay licenses for.

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    Repeatable industrialized process for app rollout. The secret to successfully managing Evergreen IT is a smooth, repeatable, and industrialized process to manage all change. With Juriba, you are in control of that process at all times.

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    Manage by exceptions rather than by default. Instead of having to blindly go in and certify, package, and test every single application, you can confidently certify 60-80% of your in-scope apps (low hanging fruit) before turning your attention to those which truly need further investigation and/or intervention.

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    Utilize peripheral benefits from past or ongoing parallel initiatives. With Juriba Workplace Automation, you can manage a single project or as many projects as you want/need. So, if you already manage a project with Juriba (e.g., Windows 10 Servicing), adding application rollout requires minimal additional effort but brings huge benefits to every project involved!

How It Works

Juriba Workplace Automation provides your team with a central command and
control center, end-to-end automation, and smart workflows to efficiently and quickly
manage your entire application rollout process.

Easy Set-Up

Simply define your policies and rules and Juriba's smart workflows will do the rest. This will make software audits and license true-ups easier, too.

Full Control

By centrally managing your application estate, you are always in full control when it comes to your applications' lifecycle rollout.

Full Visibility

With Juriba, you can manage thousands of dependencies between devices, apps, users, and much more in one always-up-to-date central command and control platform.

Self-Service Capabilities

Allow your users to be an active part of the process by validating or gathering additional data, re-certifying their app requirements, and volunteering for an earlier pilot or starting their migration early.

Automated Communication

For every app rollout, you will send multiple emails per user. Let Juriba do all the heavy lifting by automatically and reliably sending, tracking, and auditing your T-minus-based email communication.

Just some of our
happy customers

Over the past years, we have helped dozens of enterprises, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, government agencies, and other large companies roll out applications on an enterprise scale.

These were often part of ongoing software optimization efforts that consider the application usage statistics of the entire estate and find programs that might be due for retirement or could be culled permanently.

In addition, our customers use Juriba to roll out new core apps to the entire organization (e.g., upgrading to a new IE version or implementing Microsoft Teams) or other business apps to specific business units (e.g., SAP upgrade in a BAU manner).

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