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Juriba Employee Self Service

Modern IT Management Needs Automated Self-Servicing

To avoid Shadow IT and inherent problems like application sprawl, more and more organizations are allowing end users to take more ownership of their own IT decisions. Therefore, IT needs to become more transparent and customer-centric as its mission shifts from "Keeping the Lights On" to adding business value by facilitating, managing, and controlling IT services in an easy-to-use, self-service fashion.


Without automation, the selection, approval, communication, and provisioning of these new IT services means sending thousands of emails and performing instantly out-of-date manual audits — creating a terrible user experience. It's no wonder so many IT migration projects end up employing twice the number of resources they plan on and budget for!


The Juriba Self-Service Portal can unburden your large IT Transformation projects or continuous lifecycle management from this otherwise resource-intensive process. Already included within your Juriba Project System license is a highly customizable end-user self-service IT migration portal that can be easily configured for many use cases, such as end-user validation of application usage, device ownership, and personal information, choosing a new device from pre-determined options, and capacity-driven self-scheduling.

High end user engagement.

Increase your agility and BAU readiness.

With Windows 10 and Office 365 needing two update cycles a year, automated, workflow-driven communication and self-service eliminate most of the heavy lifting.

Faster & easier migration scheduling.

Because Dashworks offers end users the capability to self-select a preferred migration date in real-time and within the constraints of your capacity, scheduling becomes much easier for both your team and your customers.

Versatile use cases.

The Dashworks Self-Service Portal can be used to encourage end users to pick their preferred migration date based on pre-defined parameters, such as capacity or migration window by location, validate application usage or other personal preferences, pick a device from an approved list, and much more.

No need for expensive floorwalkers.

Eliminates the need for expensive floorwalkers who interview users to gather information. Dashworks automatically triggers emails to selective users asking the end users to click on the link directing them to the self-service wizard. Within minutes, you can collect everything you need to know.

Significant reduction in app count.

Reduce the number of applications you have to package and test pre-migration as well as maintain and license post-migration by simply asking your users a Yes/No question to validate application usage. Our clients have experienced, on average, a reduction of 25%. However, in some cases, it can be as high as 70%!

Dashworks 553 self service date tasks


  • Central self-service hub for all your IT service needs. Dashworks' Self-Service Portal can be set up per project as a user-, computer-, or mailbox-based self-service portal depending on your IT transformation goals. 

  • Highly customizable and can be configured to serve many different use cases such as data validation, self-scheduling, confirming user preferences, device selection, and much more

  • End-user data validation for location, department, computer/mailbox ownership, application requirements

  • Collect additional data through survey pages to provide extra context for your migration project.

  • Self-service scheduling within capacity constrained date and slot windows

  • Highly personalizable and actionable to provide the best user experience tailored for your organization

  • Real-time scheduling and capacity management

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