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Dashworks IT Transformation
End-User Self-Service

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Modern IT Management Needs Automated Self-Servicing

In an effort to avoid Shadow IT and inherent problems like application sprawl, more and more organizations are allowing end users to take more ownership of their own IT decisions. Therefore, IT needs to become more transparent and customer-centric as its mission shifts from "Keeping the Lights On" to adding business value by facilitating, managing, and controlling IT services in an easy-to-use, self-service fashion.


Without automation, the selection, approval, communication, and provisioning of these new IT services means having to send thousands of emails and performing instantly out-of-date manual audits — creating a terrible user experience. It's no wonder so many IT migration projects end up employing twice the number of resources than they plan on and budget for!

The Dashworks Self-Service Portal can unburden your project from this otherwise resource-intensive process. Already included within your Dashworks Project System license is a highly customizable end-user self-service IT migration portal that can be easily configured for many use cases, such as end-user validation of application usage, device ownership and personal information, choosing a new device from pre-determined options, and capacity-driven self-scheduling.

Self-Service Data Validation Portal

It’s not unusual for Dashworks to hold millions of rows of user, computer, application, and mailbox data. But as much as we would love to fully trust our source systems, it is a sad fact of life that sometimes they are just not maintained properly. Would you bet your house that your HR data contains every employee in the right location? Neither would we. It’s a project manager’s nightmare and can cause a lot of re-planning.

That’s just one of the reasons that Juriba built the self-service portal. The best person to answer questions about your IT environment is you! Not by manual audits, but from a tailored, centralized portal, with real-time updates.

Click on the link from the automated email, follow the self-service wizard, and in minutes you have confirmed everything your project needs to know about you. Not only that, but you have also provided information that can be used to rectify the original harvested data — fixing it at the source and consolidating for future projects to come.

Asset Rationalization ROI & End-User Experience

There is an inextricable link between the cleanliness of your IT environment and the complexity of your IT migration projects. If you managed big bang projects in the past followed by a period of inactivity, you are not alone. This is why many IT migration projects have to do far more than just migrate some assets. They have to fix data, migrate infrastructure, and solve issues that might have been around for years.

The Dashworks Self-Service IT Migration Portal can help you rationalize your asset data. For example, one of our customers had 33,500 users in scope for a Windows 7 migration. After global categorization and rationalization, they presented each user with their remaining current list of business applications — an average of 12 business applications each and, in total, over half a million application provisions.

For each user application, a yes or no decision was taken through the portal to designate whether or not it was required post-migration. Amazingly, on average, 3 applications were retired per user, leaving 100,500 fewer application provisions that would have otherwise been delivered. That's a 25% reduction! If the average for each piece of software was just $20, then they saved $2.7 million and cleansed their licensing position.

But it is not just about saving money. As a result, fewer applications required packaging. Some were retired completely, so there were fewer vendors to work with, simplified lists for future migrations, and better opportunities for further rationalization. And best of all — the users made the decisions, so there was no more noise when the migration delivered the applications specified.

Self-Service Scheduling

There was a time when all IT migrations were manually scheduled by IT project teams. Chaos ensued as users did not turn up for their laptop replacement, machines were replaced, or mailboxes moved while users were on holiday. Project teams crammed in more migrations than the deployment teams or tools could possibly handle. Well, those days are over.

Dashworks enables your users to pick or amend their IT migration date, all within a capacity constrained slot booking window. Been scheduled while you are away from the office? Not an issue. Simply access the self-service portal, choose an available slot from the calendar and you are done. Real-time scheduling. Real-time capacity management. Better for you, better for your deployment engineers, better for your project experience.

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