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Dashworks Project Packs For Common Use Cases

Dashworks Project Packs are specifically designed for enterprises that currently manage less than three IT Transformation projects or Evergreen IT management streams. They provide you with everything you need to tackle a specific use case — with the option to easily bolt on other use cases or upgrade to Dashworks Enterprise in the future.

10 Packs

Specific project packs for the most common use case scenarios — offering endless possibilities.

176% ROI

Return-on-Investment when combining multiple Evergreen IT management use cases.

10 Million

Devices readied for migration using Juriba's Workplace Automation platform, Dashworks.

Available Project Packs

Dashworks Project Packs are a great way to manage one or two
IT Transformation projects or Evergreen IT workstreams. There are ten
most common IT Transformation and Evergreen IT project use cases.

Windows 10 Servicing & OS Lifecycle Management

Manage your OS lifecycles, e.g., Windows 10 Servicing, as Business-as-Usual without having to disrupt your users.

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Hardware Refresh & Device Lifecycle Management

Easily onboard, manage, and replace all devices within their lifecycles — resulting in 30% savings in hardware mgt costs.

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Office 365 ProPlus Servicing Management

Ensure maximum productivity and be always up-to-date by staying on top of your Office 365 ProPlus client lifecycle.

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Operating System Migration (Windows & Mac)

Whether you are migrating all of your end users or just a fraction to Windows or Mac, Dashworks can help.

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Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

From birth to death, manage all of your company- and employee-owned mobile devices across their entire lifecycles.

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Application Rollout & Lifecycle Management

Roll out, manage, and at some point retire applications, such as Microsoft Edge, Teams, SAP, and many others.

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Email Migration (Exchange, Office 365)

Manage thousands of mailboxes, users, delegates, and other dependencies with ease and always stay in control.

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VDI & Windows Virtual Desktop Migration

Reduce hardware costs and boost productivity by moving all or some of your users to VDI or WVD.

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Active Directory (AD) Migration

Whether you have an M&A behind you or want to move to the cloud, use Dashworks to manage your AD migration.

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Internet-of-Things Asset Lifecycle Management


Manage the lifecycles of all your Internet-of-Things (IoT) assets with Dashworks, from POS systems to CT scanners.

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Modular Approach = Maximum Flexibility

Every organization is different and one size does not fit all. On the other hand, you don't want to constantly re-invent the wheel. That is why we created a modular approach (Dashworks Project Packs) that sit on top of a common data warehouse (Dashworks Analysis).

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    Everything you need right now. A Dashworks Project Pack includes everything you need to manage a single IT Transformation project or Evergreen IT stream.

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    Scale up and down as needed. Whether you want to move into another project after completing the first or manage multiple projects in parallel, with Dashworks you can scale up and down as needed. Once you need three project packs, you upgrade to Dashworks Enterprise which gives you access to all project packs.

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    Project Packs sit on top of Dashworks Analysis. Dashworks Analysis, our mandatory Data Warehousing solution, is the foundation on top of which these project packs sit. This means that your project setup, data feeds, etc. remain intact and are available across projects.

Dashworks Project Pack Features

Automated Email Communication

Automatically trigger, send, track, and manage email communication to your end users based on your project progress (workflows). It even supports multiple languages and delegates.

Sophisticated Self-Service Capabilities

Allow your end users to use our self-service portal to pick a new device from a pre-approved list, volunteer for an earlier start date, validate additional information, and much more.

Industry Best Practices Built In

Take the guesswork out of your projects! Each project pack has years of experience and best practice built-in out of the box so you can hit the ground running with tried-and-trusted capabilities.

Readiness Tracking & Full Audit Trail

Within Dashworks, you can track everything from group tasks to individual readiness items (e.g., procurement task or an application readiness task) with a full audit trail and assign it to your resources.

Easy Project Setup & User Access Control

Set up your administrative project framework once and reuse it for subsequent cycles or new projects. Also, you can assign user roles and permissions to limit and control system access.

Automated Scheduling & Deployment

Schedules can be constrained by capacity as they are centrally maintained. Environment changes are instantly reflected and migration dates can be changed individually/in bulk.

You Have Control Of Everything

Define your migration paths, tollgates, tasks to be tracked, groups containing your assets for migration, deployment teams, capacity constraints, mail templates, and self-service UI.

Drill-Down Into The Most Granular Data

Your schedulers can control the migration details, and progress can be swift and delivery focused as they have the ability to drill down from project status views into the granular asset readiness.

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