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Whether you are about to migrate from your legacy mail system to an internally upgraded one or move to a hosted or cloud-based email provider, you need somewhere to command and control your project activities. 

The Dashworks Project System for Email Migration enables you to utilize the critical data harvested from your organization in Dashworks Analysis and build your mailbox migration.  

By linking users to mailboxes and related public folders or archives, identifying delegates and impacted mobile devices, your dependencies are established, and you can move forward with data validation, mailbox and permission rationalization and end-user communication tasks.  

The system manages the entire readiness and scheduling process from beginning to end, giving you access to real-time project status.  Tasks specific to email migration projects are created to track key progress indicators like Outlook client version, target mailbox synchronization status, mailbox stub dehydration and training readiness.  

From here, email communications are triggered to your end users, and data validated in the self-service portal.  When your schedule is locked in, deployment activities can be triggered from Dashworks for a seamless IT migration experience. 

  • Dashworks Project System Email: Group Task Tracking
    Group Task Tracking
  • Dashworks Project System Email: Mailbox Readiness Tracking
  • Dashworks Project System Email: Specific Mailbox Readiness

Manage Your Email Migration More Efficiently


  • Automatically establish user, mailbox, delegates and public folder linkage
  • Manage multiple migration paths such as personal and shared mailboxes in rollout waves

End-User Engagement & Capacity-Based Scheduling


  • Self-service validation
  • Automated email communications
  • Controlled capacity-based scheduling of mailboxes for migration

Automated Triggering & Reporting with Mailbox Migration Tools


  • Microsoft
  • Dell Migration Manager
  • Binary Tree

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