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IT Transformation

Whether you are migrating to Windows 10, Office 365, Exchange, Active Directory, or SCCM, and managing other projects such as Desktop Virtualization, Desktop Hardware Refresh, Application Rollout & Rationalization, Dashworks is your IT Transformation management platform of choice.

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Enterprise IT Migration and Transformation Projects Are Incredibly Complex

The problem with massive IT Transformation projects is that these initiatives are complicated, expensive, and drain your internal resources, time, and availability: 

  • They involve many different people from your internal IT department, your businesses, and external vendors
  • Decisions have to be made across multiple teams with the associated buy-ins
  • They create an enormous logistical challenge with thousands of moving parts

Like an engine, if these moving parts are not maintained or do not work in synchronization, they stop generating power or output.

Spreadsheets & Hand-Cranked Databases Just Add To The Problem

In the past, many project teams had to rely on spreadsheets or hand-cranked databases as the cornerstone of their project management command and control efforts. Passing them around by the hundreds on a daily basis, project managers are desperately trying to keep on top of the activities being performed by resources across multiple teams. With the constant changes in schedules, readiness tasks, and logistics, it is no wonder that most IT migration projects fail to achieve efficient delivery.

For IT Migration Projects, Failure Is Not An Option

In addition, it does not help that the outcome of these projects affects a critical resource your end users rely on every day: their personal computer. If you lose an application or settings during migration, or if the device becomes slower and less efficient than before, you could lose productivity. Consequently, these projects often create a lot of anxiety and 'noise' in terms of end-user feedback, creating yet more work for your over-stretched project team. Simply put, failure is not an option.

With Juriba software, the problems of IT migration command and control disappear. Running a project in multiple locations across multiple teams becomes a much simpler task. Now you can see who is doing what, how ready you are to migrate, and what (or who) is holding you up. Having a single source of project truth enables the project to work more efficiently, asking factual, data-driven questions rather than suffering endless speculation. You can be in complete control.

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Windows 10 Migration

With Dashworks, you get everything a Windows 10 project manager could need to efficiently manage a migration — right out of the box. And the best part: You don't have to juggle any more spreadsheets to keep track of things!


Office365Office 365 Migration

Dashworks for Office 365 migrations can help you prepare for and schedule your migration as it will simplify the complex readiness process involved for your organization when migrating to Office 365 — making the transition smooth and cost-effective.


Email Migration

EmailIf you are about to approach an enterprise email migration project, you know that a complicated journey lies ahead. You will need to plan meticulously every aspect of project delivery, coordinate multiple resources across multiple teams, align with your business goals, communicate with your end-users and ensure that thousands of logistical tasks are completed according to schedule. With Dashworks, you are in control of email migration from the beginning to the end.



Other IT Transformation Projects

Dashworks is extremely versatile and can be adapted to manage all sorts of enterprise IT Transformation projects — massive or small, stand-alone, as part of a larger project or in parallel with other migration efforts. This could be a virtualization project, an application rollout, an email or a server migration and many other scenarios — Dashworks can help!



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