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Industries & Business Scenarios

 With more than seven million assets successfully migrated across multiple industries and business use cases, Juriba offers proven IT Transformation & Evergreen IT management solutions for all your industry-specific needs – so your IT becomes more agile, now and in the future.

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A Versataile & Fully Customizable Solution To Fit Your Needs

Over the past decade, Dashworks, Juriba's IT Transformation and Evergreen IT management platform, has helped large and small organizations across the globe ready more than seven million assets for successful migration — spanning from large financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and other large enterprises with several tens or even hundreds of thousands of users to smaller types of businesses, such as law firms and consulting businesses with a few thousand seats. In addition, Dashworks adds tremendous value in helping manage your IT infrastructure before, during, and after mergers, aquisitions, and divestitures. No matter, what your situation, almost any IT Transformation can be managed with Juriba Dashworks. 

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For Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures


Whenever organizations undergo the internal turmoil that comes with mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, velocity is essential. However, that speed is often directly linked to how well you integrate your diverse IT landscapes and leverage synergies. 

Juriba's IT Transformation solution, Dashworks, will help you sort it all out so that the transition into one IT organization comes quickly and easily.


ITMigrationsHealthcare.jpgFor Healthcare Organizations

Managing an IT Transformation in a large healthcare organization can be challenging. Dashworks, the IT project management tool that has helped ready more than 7 million assets for migration, can help.

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For Banks & Financial Services


The financial services and banking industries are historically quick to adopt new technology and think about how it can give them a competitive edge over their competitors, for example, by delivering even better customer service across different channels.

However, many are slower to adopt new technology until they feel very confident in its stability and their ability to support it. With Dashworks, this is about to change!


For Federal Organizations & Government Institutions


Until now, the majority of federal IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy systems rather than innovation or investment in progressing change. Now however many government organizations are looking to modernize their IT estate to create more agile IT services to their end users.

Dashworks has helped multiple federal and governmental agencies around the world achieve that goal. Juriba is also a certified G-Cloud solution provider in the UK.



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