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Workplace Automation  Solutions For Industries & Business Scenarios

With more than ten million assets successfully readied for migration across multiple industries and business use cases, Juriba offers proven Workplace Automation solutions for all the needs of your specific industry, whether that is financial services and banks, healthcare, or government, as well as for mergers, acquisitions, and diversification — so you can focus on what is important: innovation and Digital Transformation.

Workplace Automation Is
Different For Every Industry

Over the past decade, large financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, government agencies,
and other large enterprises have used Juriba's Workplace Automation platform to manage their IT environment —
from upgrading Windows 10 and rolling out applications, to managing hardware refresh cycles and much more.

Financial Services

The financial services and banking industries are always looking for a competitive edge by providing even better customer service across different channels. With Juriba, you can always be confident that you can unlock the full potential of your new technology investments.

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Healthcare Institutions

Managing any form of IT change in a healthcare organization can be challenging as it involves a disproportionate number of internally-built apps, a highly skilled workforce, and lots of legacy infrastructure. With Juriba, you can stop worrying about your IT and focus on what matters: saving lives.

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Government Agencies

Until now, the majority of the federal IT budget has been spent on maintaining legacy systems, not innovation. Juriba has helped multiple federal and governmental agencies around the world to modernize their IT estate to create more agile IT services. Juriba is also a certified UK G-Cloud solution provider.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whenever organizations undergo the internal turmoil that comes with mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, velocity is essential — and that speed is often directly linked to how well you integrate your diverse IT landscapes and leverage synergies. Juriba will help you make the transition into one IT organization quickly and easily.

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Other Industries

In addition to these industries and scenarios, Juriba helps organizations in other verticals with a large number of users, devices, and mailboxes, such as manufacturing, pharma, aerospace & defence, and technology companies.

Pillsbury Law Tackles Company-Wide Windows 10 & Hardware Refresh In Less Than 5 Months

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