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Central Command & Control

Take Command. Stay In Control.

Juriba Dashworks' central command and control capabilities drive some of the fastest enterprise-wide, end-user IT Transformation projects across the globe — in fact, more than 10 million assets have been successfully readied using Dashworks. Combining all of the features, workflow, and automation needed to support complex IT migration projects, Dashworks delivers significant cost, time, and risk improvement when compared to manual approaches utilizing hand-cranked databases and volumes of instantly out-of-date spreadsheets. 


Dashworks - Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness Connector - Computer Information


Because all project-relevant information is helpfully centered in one location and updated in real-time, your project team works on one single version of the truth. Consequently, project resources can expect an average boost in productivity of 35-40%. This cuts months off your project timeline and frees up resources for other initiatives!


The Dashworks platform provides a project command and control framework for every IT migration, whether for large-scale transformation or an Evergreen IT initiative. Everything is consolidated into a single, authoritative project system, designed for real-time access for grouping, analyzing, readying, scheduling, deploying, and reporting. This ensures compliance, scalability, and industrialized repeatability across all project processes and dependencies.

Benefits Of Dashworks' Central Command & Control

A single, centralized, authoritative repository for every project

Because all relevant information is tracked, managed, and controlled within Dashworks, the command and control center becomes your authoritative repository for asset readiness information, scheduling, dashboards, reporting, and much more.

Versatile use cases deliver higher Return-on-Investment

Manage a one-off project, multiple IT Transformation initiatives at one time, or transition to a Business-as-Usual change model within your organization. With Dashworks, your resources will be more efficient and productive, and will deliver at a lower cost.

Increased end-user experience and engagement

Your end-user experience will drastically improve (and your user engagement will significantly increase) if you leverage Dashworks' ability to send automated emails and utilize its self-service capability to validate data, offer the option to self-schedule, and much more.

Single platform to drive efficiencies

Dashworks' central command and control offers unparalleled opportunities to drive efficiencies around data analytics, workflow automation, and orchestration by allowing you to manage multiple workstreams and update information in a single place.

Real-time, in-flight updates

Dashworks manages thousands of tasks in real-time, dynamically generating dashboard updates as it goes to ensure you are always on the right page. This way, all updates in schedules, dependencies, or milestones are immediately visible to all team members which allows for real-time and in-flight impact analysis for prioritization and scheduling.


  • Complimentary with your existing tooling. Dashworks effortlessly integrates with your existing user/computer/application and mailbox management systems not only to harvest data, but also to trigger workflow like procurement requests through ServiceNow or email communication through your SMTP gateway.

  • Repeatable multi-project framework for every end-user IT migration. Industrialized setup for multiple, simultaneous projects with features like scope definition, migration paths, tollgates, task management, asset grouping, email communicationsself-service, and capacity management.

  • Track, manage, and report on all project-relevant tasks in one central tool. Define upcoming and completed milestones, track application/computer/mailbox/user readiness, automate emails, manage available scheduling capacity, track self-service completion, view calendar schedules, manage tasks, and much more.

  • Intelligently manage multiple migration paths (e.g., replacement, in-place upgrade or wipe and load) including different tollgates and task dependencies for different groups and automated workflow triggers.

  • Automated deployment ring management. Set default groups and deployment rings for asset scoping and wave planning. Auto-build application test dependencies and drive velocity with activity-based project scheduling. 

  • Multiple user roles and permissions. Because Dashworks creates value across different roles, such as project managers, deployment managers, executive stakeholders, and business unit managers, the platform has various levels of access as well as reporting and dashboarding capabilities. Based on their permission level, some users might only have read-only access, while others might be able to schedule computers for migration but not change an application status.

  • IT Transformation Orchestration. After all pre-migration tasks have been completed, Dashworks will do the heavy lifting of orchestration, e.g., automated, T-minus-based email communication and pushing deployment triggers into your desktop management technology, like Microsoft MECM. 

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