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Automated Email Communication

Let Dashworks Do The Heavy Lifting.

On average, an IT team managing an IT Transformation project will send between six to ten emails per end user. When multiplied by the tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices, users, and mailboxes, the sheer number of emails that needs to be created, sent, and tracked on a T-minus-based schedule (e.g., T-30, T-20, T-10, T-3, T-1, and T+1) is daunting!


Now add reminder and rescheduling emails, and emails to project site champions, project stakeholders, and other resources. For example, in an environment of 10,000 users, you could be close to sending 100,000 emails already. Even if each email just takes a couple of minutes, you’d need an army of people simply to keep on top of communications! 


Benefits Of Automated Email Communication

Eliminate weeks from your project timeline.

Shorten your project timeline by weeks by automating your end-user email communication using smart workflows and data-driven insights.

Always be in full control.

Stay in full control of your project email with Dashworks' sent mail tracking and audited delivery. Send emails now, or as a scheduled batch process from an email address of your choice.

Make your users a part of the project.

Empower your users to become part of the project with highly tailored and actionable emails using personalization tokens, migration schedules, and other relevant information. The ability to personalize each email with migration schedules, personalization tokens, and more will not only increase transparency but will also enable your users to become an active part of the migration process. Your end users will love the automated email communication capabilities of Dashworks, and your project administrators will too.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Dashworks can be customized to send summary emails to executive stakeholders or workstream leaders that require high-level reports. Just define the information you need, when to send it and to whom, and the system will do the rest.

Reliable Sending, Tracking & Auditing.

Not only will Dashworks now reliably send thousands of emails, but it will track their delivery too, ensuring that you are communicating with the right mailboxes. You can see what has been sent, what is about to be sent, and even send an email immediately if the situation demands it.

Smart Sending.

The email notifications can be turned on or off for specific users, and they can be triggered in batches based on the date offset, or sent individually. They can be tailored by type, so that you can send a tailored email to a notebook user that needs to bring their device into a depot versus a desktop user having a simple wipe and load.

Full Auditing.

With Dashworks' automated email communication capabilities, you can configure emails to be sent to delegates as well. They are fully audited, giving you full control of what was sent, and when.

Advanced Integration.

For more advanced integration, the emails can also be configured for feedback via our API (e.g., to send out a user happiness survey) or be used to collect further user data required for the project (e.g., inform end users of laptop choices during a hardware refresh or ask them to validate app usage).

Highly Personalized & Actionable.

Inject personalization tokens, migration schedules, calendar appointments, and other information relevant to your IT Transformation project.


  • Reliable sending, tracking, and auditing of all project emails
  • Emails can be scheduled on T-minus basis
  • Highly personalizable, customizable, and actionable
  • Multi-language support, user-by-user email control, and delegate mail override
  • Emails can be triggered to individual users or in batches
  • Smart sending capabilities
  • Can be integrated using APIs for more advanced use cases (e.g., user surveys)
  • Easy and fast setup. Set up your HTML email templates and add your system placeholders (e.g., First Name, Scheduled Date), links to training material, screenshots, and other project graphics, as well as attachments (such as end-user dropsheets).
  • Translate your emails into different languages if desired. Then simply configure the templates to send against a date offset (e.g., scheduled date minus 30 days) and set your email batch to run at a suitable time.

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