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Life at Juriba

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As a privately owned company, we have an approachable and engaged leadership. We're small enough to operate as a close-knit team, with an open, inclusive, and unpolitical atmosphere. Yet big enough to offer multiple career paths, a diverse work environment, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Juriba's success is based on our agile and growth-driven mindset, our focus on innovation and continuous improvement, as well as our encouraging and supportive environment. But despite our success, we are very much grounded and involved in our community, supporting local projects and charities.

Our Core Values

Every customer matters

There is no Juriba without our customers. Take time to understand their needs and how best to deliver value to them. Build relationships based on trust and flexibility. Go the extra mile.

We’re in this together

An open, unpolitical culture is at our heart. Communication, transparency and collaboration runs across all teams and all levels. We celebrate our successes, pull together when times are tough, and have a lot of fun on the journey. Never be afraid to reach out, someone will have your back.

Care about what you do
Work with diligence and passion to always do your best. Hold yourself accountable to the highest standards. Commit to the detail, the little things are everything.

Always be better

Every process, every person, every feature could be better tomorrow than it is today. Innovation is not optional, it’s necessary to our survival. Be curious, use your knowledge to seek positive change, large or small, then make it happen.

Lead and see it through

Take the reins on initiatives that resonate with you as an individual. Amazing ideas only become truly amazing once someone owns and delivers them.

Work smart
Find the most efficient way execute your vision. Do what makes sense and cut out waste. If it isn't adding value, there's no point doing it.



When did you join Juriba and how is this role different from previous ones?

I joined in October 2018. My role at Juriba is actually very similar to my previous ones (both in terms of solution, complexity and client size). The biggest difference is that I am in the United States and the rest of the team is in the United Kingdom.

How was your first year at Juriba?

I had a really good first year. The biggest adjustment for me has been the time zone difference but, other than that, I enjoyed learning the tool and the different ways that we can help our customers with Dashworks and working with partners as well. I also really enjoy the variety of customers we work with.

What was your biggest challenge at Juriba?

Understanding how we develop a solution and sell Dashworks was the main "challenge" for me, including pricing and new features.

kristina kim

When did you join Juriba?

I joined Juriba in February 2018 and it has been a really interesting journey since then!

How was your first year at Juriba?

The first year was a challenge. The project is really big and you have to collect and absorb a lot of information to do your job well. Fortunately, I had a great team to support me.

How is this role different from previous roles?

Previously, I was mostly working as a QA engineer and lead, and I was spending my time either managing projects or testing. I started at Juriba as a QA engineer and now I have moved into a role as a Feature Product Owner overseeing the delivery of one of the scrum teams.

How are you finding the rest of the team at Juriba?

It's great. Everyone is so friendly — exactly what I had been told about Juriba. My manager is very supportive. Also, the meet-up in Kyiv was amazing. I was really impressed!

What was your biggest challenge at Juriba?

I'd say understanding the project from end to end was definitely my biggest challenge. It's a product with a lot of features, but that's what makes it interesting. I'm grateful for the support everyone has given me. I am really enjoying my time at Juriba!


How is your role at Juriba different from your previous ones?

I joined Juriba after working at a large American multinational, NCR, so that was the first big difference. At Juriba, I am able to have more direct and personal relationships with everyone at the company which is great. I was working from home in my previous role as well but what I enjoy about my role at Juriba is that I can be more involved in the company and meet with colleagues and customers regularly. The job itself is also much more interesting as I get to work closely with customers.

Who were the first few customers you worked with?

My first customer was Fidelity, followed by Wipro, DSM who had some interesting issues with wanting to send emails in different time zones and an email server that wouldn't let you send emails faster than about 1 every 3 seconds! Fujitsu with Centrica was another fascinating project I worked on. I had several engagements with Swiss Re in Zurich as well.

How long have you worked on each project on average?

A couple of months each. The biggest project I have been working on so far is HSBC which started in March 2018, we've worked on just the POC for about 3 months! They have 400,000 devices to be migrated to Windows 10, which is quite a big number.