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AppM Tester: Automated Application Smoke Testing 

Gain control of continual application change.
Co-ordinate, Compatibility Test, and Deploy in minutes with AppM Tester.
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Reduce Application Testing Costs By Over 40%

Driven by the as-a-service model, the pace of technological change has significantly increased for those managing end-user technology. In order to keep up, organizations must keep a much tighter handle on their application estate and test it almost on a constant basis. If done manually, this is a very lengthy, costly, and frustrating process. 

Juriba's new automated application testing solution, AppM Tester, provides automated smoke testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), and application management capabilities that eliminate the pain and frustration caused by managing this IT change. Instead, teams can focus on delivering an even better end-user experience. Whether you are migrating to a new platform, upgrading an existing environment, or adopting new technology, with AppM Tester you can automatically test your application estate in a matter of minutes — delivering fast results by removing application bottlenecks, streamlining the process, and significantly reducing resources, resulting in immediate application management cost reduction of over 40%.

1 - 5 Hours Saved Per Application With Automated Testing

On average, enterprises will touch more than 1,000 applications during an IT Transformation or Win 10 / M365 servicing update. Done manually, testing just one application will typically take roughly 90 minutes or co-ordination, pre-staging, testing and sign off. For most organizations with an application estate of hundreds or thousands, this means a team of people over a number of months just to manage the process. With Juriba’s AppM Tester, you can test the same amount of applications in a tiny fraction of that time. By using our automated smoke testing solution, you can automatically perform exactly the same test in just 7-15 minutes on average. Because AppM Tester can manage multiple virtual machines simultaneously, the true acceleration happens by testing 24/7 using automation without user input — providing a total time saving of 97%!

Automated UAT & Smoke Testing Is Essential For Evergreen IT

The new Juriba AppM solution with its new automated smoke testing, functional testing, user acceptence testing (UAT), and application management capabilities is an important puzzle piece in managing Evergreen IT successfully. IT managers are, for example, able to queue in hundreds of applications for automatic testing over the weekend, knowing that on Monday they will have 100 percent coverage without manual intervention, which means they can immediately put the next steps into motion based on smart workflows and automation.

Julia Bell, CTO of Juriba

Juriba AppM Tester Product Video May 2021

AppM Helps IT Teams Manage A Secure, Compliant & Modern Application Experience

Together with its sister product, AppM Packager, AppM Tester is part of the AppM Platform. As part of the Juriba family, both products are fully integrated with Juriba's Workplace Automation platform, Dashworks. Teams can use AppM as a standalone Evergreen smoke testing solution, as part of the AppM Platform for end-to-end application packaging and testing automation, or as part of a complete end-to-end IT Transformation project or Evergreen IT management process using Juriba Dashworks. 


24/7/365 Testing

Because AppM Tester utilizes intelligent workflows, automation, and virtual machine management, testing can happen 24/7/365 drastically accelerating your application compliance. By simplifying your complete testing experience through automation, you can save, on average, one to five hours per application, allowing you to respond 97% faster to constant OS updates and application changes, which means you can focus on the things that matter!

Fast Results, Less Risk

Our AppM Tester solution runs through applications in under 7 minutes (low complexity), in about 10 minutes (medium complexity), and in less than 15 minutes (high complexity). This means you not only can automatically assess, install, smoke test, functional test and uninstall your entire application estate across any environment, build, or version with no disruption to end-users, but also significantly reduce risks caused by manual interventions.

Empower End Users

Eliminate application management bottlenecks by empowering your application owners and other users with Juriba's self-service capabilities which remove and automate the coordination layer between IT managers and application owners to enable seamless test scheduling and sign off automation. By automating the management of virtual machines, users can experience  videos and screenshots of their application test and even initiate their own manual test. 


  • Assess, install, launch, and uninstall each application automatically without user input
  • Replay individual or batch tests against each IT platform change using virtual machine infrastructure
  • Get immediate compatibility and functionality results with zero user engagement required
  • Supports all modern application formats, such as MSI, AppV, MSIX, MSIX app attach and Intunewin
  • Utilize Virtual Machine Pool manager including prioritization of queue
  • Supports Microsoft Autopilot for accelerated environment configuration using proprietary credential provider
  • Seamless User Acceptance Testing (UAT): fire up a VM to record and signoff your own manual tests
  • Schedule to-be-tested applications ahead of time, e.g., over the weekend and review on Monday morning
  • Control every aspect of your OS servicing update or IT transformation project from a single source of truth with full Dashworks integration
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