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AppM Packager: Automated Application Packaging

Create, Update, Convert & Self-Service Your Application Packages In Minutes

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Modern Application Packaging — Automated 

Most enterprises find that application packaging is one of the largest bottlenecks in getting applications ready for end users, or for a migration project to proceed. Layer on the Evergreen IT management efforts required for Windows 10/Microsoft 365 Servicing and platform changes such as Windows Virtual Desktop and Intune and many application management teams are quickly overwhelmed. Application owners are often tasked with locating source media, providing installation instructions, testing their application and coordinating with the application management team, all of which can be a significant overhead and disruption. In these scenarios, application packaging is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and tedious, resulting in productivity loss and inefficiencies. But, in today's complex yet agile IT environments, efficient, quick, and easy application packaging is vital because constant and careful testing, packaging, and managing of your application estate is critical to successful Evergreen IT management.

With AppM Packager, Juriba's automated application packaging solution, you can create, update and convert application packages in any modern app format, such as MSI, MSIX, App-V, IntuneWin, and MSIX app attach. It allows you to store and manage all of your application assets in one centralized repository, making them easily accessible to everyone that needs them. But more importantly, AppM Packager empowers your non-technical application owners to package their own apps using self-service, resulting in huge overhead reduction while minimizing business disruption and accelerating the process.

Accelerate Your Entire Application Management Process By 97%

Working together, AppM Packager and its sister product, AppM Tester, significantly accelerate the entire process from application discovery to deployment and release. As a recent customer example shows, AppM was able to package and test a mix of four simple, medium, and complex applications (MSI and App-V format) in 53 minutes, while the same task took 91 resource hours to complete manually. That is a time savings of 97%!

Automated Application Packaging Is An Important Puzzle Piece In Managing Evergreen IT Successfully

Many of our larger customers struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing velocity of technological change they have to manage every day!  AppM Packager is an important puzzle piece that will make Juriba's Workplace Automation platform an even more powerful Evergreen IT Management solution — particularly for Windows 10 Servicing, Office 365 Servicing, and the move to Intune and WVD. Because of the already significant integration with Dashworks, our customers can accelerate application readiness for their projects, programs and in business as usual (BAU) right away."

Barry Angell, CEO of Juriba

Juriba AppM Packager Product Video May 2021

AppM Packager Eliminates Application Packaging Bottlenecks

Together with its sister product, AppM Tester, AppM Packager is part of the AppM Platform. As part of the Juriba family, both products are fully integrated with Juriba's Workplace Automation platform, Dashworks. Teams can use AppM as a standalone Evergreen smoke testing solution, as part of the AppM Platform for end-to-end application packaging and testing automation, or as part of a complete end-to-end IT Transformation project or Evergreen IT management process using Juriba Dashworks. 


One Central Repository

Eliminate hours of manual effort (and lots of frustration) by storing all source media, install documents, videos, licensing agreements, discovery information and details, package results, package media, and much more in one central repository. This means no more chasing after App owners that have left, or digging for information stored elsewhere. And best of all, the package status can be fed into Juriba's Dashworks platform to help accelerate project delivery.

Automate 80% Of App Estate Packaging

AppM's packaging engine automates every part of the application management process from discovery to user sign-off and release for almost every application. This frees up time and resources to tackle the highly complex applications. Because it creates a very repeatable process, organizational packaging standards are injected to each package to enforce corporate IT policies and security standards and further customizations can also be built where required.

Empower App Owner Self-Service


  • A centralized repository provides an in-depth and complete understanding of your application estate at all times
  • Automatically create, upload, and store clear, concise, and reliable discovery information and related documentation
  • Store and manage all source media and link it with the application (incl. application status)
  • Store information on how your applications are installed and configured. AppM Packager generates and saves videos and screenshots of the application installation procedure automatically in the background
  • Repackaging and conversions of existing installations to MSI, APP-V, MSIX, MSIX app attach and IntuneWin
  • Capture registry permissions and exceptions and include them within the packages
  • Detect and identify embedded vendor MSI’s configurations
  • Compliance with vendor packaging standards as well as license and support agreements
  • Available as an on-premise or a cloud-based solution (no desktop client required)
  • Easy-to-use intuitive user interface, customizable dashboards make it easy to track progress
  • Custom create reliable packages from source as well as update existing packages
  • Fully scalable parallel packaging, yet flexible depending on your requirements
  • All packages and documentation stored securely and accessible 24/7/365
  • Links with Juriba's Dashworks to provide complete application management and delivery platform
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