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Empower application owners

Set and enforce review policies, gain visibility, and provide simple packaging, testing and publishing capabilities that allow application owners to take on a more impactful application management role. With Juriba AppM, you can relieve pressure on expert resources by automating as much as 80% of the applications in your portfolio. 



The challenge

Many enterprises struggling to keep up with application management tasks employ a proactive application owner program to spread
the burden of keeping up with applications, identifying the availability of updates, and recommending which should be updated. But
ensuring coverage of all applications, ensuring responsibilities are being fulfilled, and knowing where things stand can be a tedious
task and when not executed effectively, can give one a false sense of security.

Even with visibility into what requires updating, organizations constantly struggle to keep up with the volume of application updates
needed in support of ongoing security demand as well as Windows migrations and device lifecycle projects. Packaging teams are a
bottleneck under heavy strain, and companies that outsource require an increasing volume of work, making costs difficult to control.

The Juriba AppM solution

AppM enables non-experts to easily, quickly, and efficiently manage their applications to unprecedented levels. This means that the
demand for packaging expertise is significantly reduced. Our simplified approach with automated testing means that offloading this
burden from the packaging team can be accomplished while also minimizing the impact on the time required of application owners.


No matter how many applications need to be managed or how frequently responsibilities may change due to organizational changes or turnover, you need to know which applications are covered and which are not. Ensure the details you care about are captured and within specified timeframes via email reminders, simple forms, and dashboards.

Single platform

Automatically package and test applications in a single solution. All application assets are stored and managed in a central repository, accessible to application owners and other authorized personnel. When a qualified package is ready, it can be easily published to your endpoint management solution for distribution via your standard release process.

App agility

Migrate faster and more efficiently from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or MECM to Intune, and manage any other IT change that touches your app estate by having actionable insights in your application packing and testing.

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AppM Packager

Update, convert, and test new application formats quickly and easily with AppM Packager.

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    Package quickly and easily. AppM is designed with ease of use in mind to help non-experts generate expert results. Simply run through the application installation in your browser. In many cases this can be as simple as clicking “next,” “next,” “finish!”.

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    Keep pace with packaging formats. Create, modernize, and update packages at scale to any of several enterprise deployment formats, including MSI, MSIX, or App-V, and wrap with the PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit (PSADT), Intune, or App Attach) to maximize the value of your investment in Digital Workplaces using Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop.

AppM Tester

Reduce failures and move faster with dramatically fewer failures with automated package testing. No matter if a deployment package was created by a novice or an expert, a quick smoke test will give you the confidence to move forward that is not otherwise possible.

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    Understand the impact of change in your application estate — at all times. Reduce risks by automatically assessing, testing, launching, and executing entire application estates across any environment, build, or version.

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    Speed up your application modernization process with testing in no time. Automate the testing process against newly packaged application workloads across multiple formats required to keep pace with new technologies (MSI, App-V, MSIX, intunewin, and MSIX app attach).