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AppM: Ensure Your Business-Critical Apps Will Work

Increase your confidence that business-critical applications will work on Windows 10, Windows 11, and all Servicing updates. Test for application compatibility, new features, and security updates, and create modern packages for Windows 365 / AVD with AppM today.


How Can AppM Help Your IT Team?

We didn’t build AppM to reinvent the application testing and packaging wheel. We wanted to improve the way
IT Teams manage the application lifecycle across every IT change program — a single place for all your
application testing and packaging needs that guides you from start to end on your application lifecycle.

Test & Package Your Apps In One Place.

Leverage automation to test and package your applications in a single place. Teams can use AppM as a standalone platform, including two modules: AppM Tester and AppM Packager.

Integrate With The Juriba Platform.

Remove application bottlenecks in any transformation or Evergreen IT management process by integrating AppM with the Juriba Workplace Automation platform and Dashworks.

Move To Windows 11 Faster.

Understand your application estate at all times and be ready for migration to Windows 11 or ongoing as-a-service management. Gain insights at a glance with automated reports and dashboards.

Testing 500 Applications Manually

90 minutes per application
2 people
750 hours

>> 42 days (8+ Weeks)

Testing 500 Applications Using Automation

7-14 minutes per application
1 platform
50 hours

>> One weekend

Testing & Packaging Manually

To package and test 4 simple, medium, and complex applications to corporate standards, it will take an IT team:

>> 91 Hours

Testing & Packaging Using Automation

To package and test 4 simple, medium, and complex applications to corporate standards, it will take an IT team:

>> 53 Minutes

Automated Application Testing

Gain control of continual application change. Coordinate, check for compatibility,
understand functionality, and deploy in minutes with AppM Tester.

Understand the impact of change in your application estate — at all times.

Automatically assess, test, launch, and execute entire application estates across any environment, build, or version.

Test for compatibility against new Windows 11 features and security updates.

Quickly identify compatibility and functionality issues before you deploy, run User Acceptance Tests (UAT), and support your business with the flexibility to deploy anywhere — whether it is in the cloud or on-prem.

Speed up your application modernization process with testing in no time.

Automate the testing process against newly packaged application workloads across multiple formats required to keep pace with new technologies (MSI, AppV, MSIX, Intunewin, and MSIX app attach and more).

Automated Application Packaging

Create modern application packages no matter the complexity. Update, convert,
and test new application formats in minutes with AppM Packager.

Keep up with new packaging formats and updates at pace.

Create, modernize, and update packages at scale to any new format (MSI, MSIX, App-V, IntuneWin, and MSIX app attach) for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. Manage all of your application assets in one platform.

Fix issues before they ever impact your end users.

To ensure your new or updated application packages are ready for any scenario or workspace, automate the testing process to test, remediate and re-test to provide fully compatible and functional application packages.

Simplify the process — no matter the complexity.

Let a repeatable, automated process tackle the highly complex applications for you and get consistent, standardized, and high-quality packages that meet your organizational standards the first time, every time.

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