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Drive application owner program success

Gain visibility and control of application owner activities while making everyone's job easier with reminders, information collection forms, dashboards, reporting, and optional integrated package automation and testing.

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confidence in application coverage and compliance.


minutes of effort required for most applications.


of apps can be handled by non-technical staff, when integrated with App Packager and App Tester.

Application owners can have a powerful impact on reducing security risk

The challenge of managing a portfolio of enterprise applications has driven many organizations to adopt an application owner program to manage certain application-related tasks. Instead of having a small number of people watching hundreds of applications, the load of watching individual applications is distributed across many users. For an individual, periodically checking in on an application is a small task that only takes minutes.


Scanning for vulnerabilities will always be necessary, but by watching for releases that could be deployed ahead of security scans, you can dramatically reduce vulnerabilities impacting your environment.

Get ahead of what updates are available and which should be implemented proactively, and spend less time identifying vulnerabilities that are already impacting your risk.


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Improved visibility and measurement of your application owner program

The visibility into the results of such programs is difficult to measure. Are application owners doing what is asked of them? Are they doing it at the desired frequency?

Believing that you have many eyes on your application portfolio and knowing it is the difference between what may be a false sense of security and the confidence that these responsibilities are being met.


App Owner can introduce much-needed governance and visibility of your application owner program.


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Drive application owner program success

Confirm coverage

Ensure and maintain the desired application coverage.

Establish SLAs

Set applications to be checked as frequently as required, using dashboards and notifications.

Track compliance

See which applications are, and are not, being checked on as prescribed.

Helpful reminders

Automatically notify application owners when it’s time to check on their applications or alerts if they are late.

Low cost, high value

Low cost solution that delivers high value, quickly

Capture valuable output

Collect application details with a simple form to get clear and consistent results.

Empower your application owners with App Packager and App Tester

Achieve high value with minimal effort by democratizing application packaging across your organization. When an Application Owner recommends an update, you can have them simply upload a setup file for automated packaging and testing. For very little effort and time on the part of an application owner, your ability to respond to needed updates can be greatly accelerated while reducing the need for technical staff involvement.


The majority of application packaging work can be completely automated by App Packager and validated by App Tester. The combination of these solutions empowers your application owners to play an even bigger role and requires no training or special skills.



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