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The smart way to manage the Digital Workplace

One platform that integrates seamlessly with existing tools to give you complete visibility and control across the Digital Workplace. Continuously upgrade your IT environment with automated scheduling, employee communications, and self-service, so you can maximize the business value from infrastructure investments.

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Why Digital Workplace leaders are choosing Juriba

Juriba is the only Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) specifically designed for the complex needs of Digital Workplace leaders in large enterprises. It is already the platform of choice for forward-thinking teams in 5 out of 10 of the world's largest organizations, and 8 out of 10 of the world's leading System Integrators.

Complete visibility of IT environment

Centralize cross-silo data to gain a single source of truth for your digital infrastructure, dependent applications, interdependencies, resources, and lifecycle programs, regardless of the environments used.

Smart automation and orchestration

Orchestrate Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management tools with the workflows, automation, communications, and self-service capability needed to save time, minimize errors, and improve service delivery and employee experience.

Powerful data insights and analytics

Utilize easy-to-use dashboards and reports that unlock insights into your IT environment to help make smarter decisions that maximize the business value from infrastructure investments.

Juriba Enterprise: Digital Workplace automation and orchestration 

Juriba Enterprise is specifically designed to manage the complex needs of the Digital Workplace in large enterprises. It integrates seamlessly with existing tools to automate the management of increasingly complex and siloed IT, in one centralized place - ensuring your estate is secure and stable, reducing operational workload and improving tool adoption and employee experience.

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Juriba AppM: automate app packaging & testing 

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    Accelerate your application management 96.9% faster by automating the entire process

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    Test every scenario whether you are migrating, updating, or bringing new technology into your organization

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    Empower even the most non-technical app owner to test, package, and deploy their apps themselves

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    Minimize risks by automatically assessing, installing, smoke testing, packaging, launching, and executing the entire app estate across any environment, build, or version

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    No more application bottlenecks with employee self-service

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    Overlay all relevant project data and connect the dots between dependencies thanks to Juriba's robust data connectors

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Juriba Accelerators: reduce risk, costs & workload 

Manage IT Transformation projects and Evergreen IT streams as needed, resulting in significant project synergies and ROI.

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If you're an enterprise looking to reduce Digital Workplace workload through automation and improve employee experience and tool adoption with improved communication and self-service, our platform provides everything you need. 


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