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Juriba Dashworks Videos

Dashworks Product Overview

Juriba Product Video 2019


Watch this detailed overview video to find out more about what functionalities Dashworks includes.

What is Dashworks? 

What Is Dashworks?
Learn how Dashworks can put you in control of your IT Transformation project.

Dashworks Explainer



A short animated video explaining our enterprise Windows 10 migration tool, Dashworks, and how it could help your organization.

Why You Need Juriba

Why You Need Dashworks


Join COO, Julia Bell, as she shares five reasons why your enterprise would benefit from Dashworks.

Dashworks Analysis System Overview


An introduction to the Analysis System of the Dashworks suite, from product expert, Joanne Gall.

Dashworks Project System Overview


Dashworks product expert, Joanne Gall, gives further insight into the Dashworks suite, taking a look at the Project System module.