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Dashworks Project:
Manage. Upgrade. Repeat.

Accelerate your IT Transformation deployment by up to 60% by automating tedious, labor-intensive tasks and orchestrating your migration and readiness tasks using a central command and control system.

The Dashworks Projects module provides your IT migration as well as your Business-as-Usual team with the ideal platform to create the workflows, processes, communications and reports to manage your IT transformation projects from inception to completion.

Dashworks allows you to push target state data to numerous platforms to execute IT Transformation deployment such as Windows 10, Office 365, email, SCCM, active directory or application migrations, desktop and application virtualization, hardware refresh initiatives as well as ongoing BAU activities such as Windows 10 Servicing management in an automated fashion without sacrificing centralized control.

You can quickly set up your project governance framework and guardrails, such as toll gates, tasks to be tracked and emails to be sent. The overall readiness for each device is automatically calculated, based on the readiness factors defined in the project. Then the workflow can take over and trigger end-user communication based on the schedule you configured earlier during the project setup.  

While Dashworks Project shows great return-on-investment in one-off projects, the platform is designed to adapt to your IT Transformation needs — whether you use it to manage ongoing Business-as-Usual activities or multiple process methodologies with different tracking requirements. It is this kind of adaptability that raises Dashworks above any other method of centralized asset migration readiness tracking! 

What Our Customers & Partners Say

Trusted by large enterprises all over the world and major service integrators like Microsoft Consulting, Atos, Wipro, Hewlett-Packard, WWT and Fujitsu, Juriba's software has readied over 7 million assets for their next generation IT platform, and continues to accelerate IT migrations across the globe. 

I was spending all of my time updating and passing around spreadsheets trying to schedule handfuls of users. Trying to keep track of who changed what, and which information was current was impossible. With Dashworks, I had everything I needed in one console, was able to see clearly the applications that were holding up my migrations, and schedule hundreds of users across lots of different countries in the same time. Compared to spreadsheets, Dashworks was a revolution.

 Susan Rooney, Project Manager

How Dashworks Project Works


Different Types Or Repeatable Projects

Dashworks is designed as an end-to-end IT Transformation platform that adapts to your needs — whether you are planning a single one-off project, ongoing Business-as-Usual activities or the management of multiple process methodologies within the same core system. This allows you to manage a hybrid mix of migration paths, each with a different set of tracking tasks within the same project.  

Centrally Managed Project Set-Up

With the Dashworks Project Admin Template, you can easily and quickly set up your project framework and create everything you need for project governance leveraging a decade of built-in IT migration experience. Here you define your migration tollgates, paths, tasks to be tracked, groups containing your assets for migration, deployment teams, capacity constraints, mail templates and self-service UI. 

Shorten Your Project Timeline By 60%! 

By using Dashworks, your project is up and running as quickly as possible as all project resources are immediately on the same page and managing their responsibilities in real-timeWith your template built, you can realize your project scope. Significantly accelerate deployment and get numbers on the board faster, since all assets and their associated linkages are on-boarded into logical and prioritized groups.

Put Your Scheduling On Autopilot

Scheduling migration becomes a breeze, Because schedules are maintained centrally inside of Dashworks, they can be constrained by the capacity defined for each group of devices. Your schedulers can modify migration dates individually or in bulk, and changes in the environment are automatically reflected in the project — increasing the efficiency of your project resources by an average 35%! 

Automated Email Communication

Much of the heavy lifting during an IT Transformation project is end user communication and coordination.  

Dashworks' sophisticated automated end user communication capabilities are T-minus based and trigger emails  based on the schedule configured in Dashworks. The system also considers delegate structures and supports multiple languages. 

Engage Your Users Using Self-Service

Engaging your end users early on in the process is critical to the success of your project. Use Dashworks' centrally managed and fully customizable self-service portal to validate location, department, computer/mailbox ownership, and app requirements, collect additional data through survey page or offer scheduling within capacity constrained date windows — the possibilities are endless. 


Once you have identified and imported your organizational data with Dashworks Analysis Services, building your project scope and end-to-end process is the next step in creating a central source of truth. 

The Dashworks Project System comes equipped with the following features:

  • Flexible template for complete control of your project tasks
  • Pre-canned dashboards to track readiness — on everything
  • Multi-language support for email and self-service end-user communication
  • Automated email communications based on a schedule
  • Self-service validation and scheduling portal
  • In-built workflow with flexibility to add more
  • User roles and permissions to limit system access
  • Integrates with your existing tools for deployment automation
  • Pre-canned, graphical, run on-demand and bespoke dashboards
  • Central administrative control
  • Easier team communication
  • Setup project administration template once & use over and over again
  • Always up-to-date in real-time
  • All the data is located in one central repository
  • Automated scheduling and other tedious tasks
  • Track everything from tasks impacting the group as a whole to individual readiness items such as a procurement task or an application readiness task within Dashworks with a full audit trail and assigned to your resources
  • Dashworks becomes a single source of data in which all team members can collaborate in real-time — without the need to shuffle around dozens of outdated spreadsheets
  • Dynamic forecasting (e.g., data-based decisions on who can migrate when)
  • Multiple pre-built dashboards to instantly demonstrate asset migration readiness in a simple-to-follow RAG status report
  • Ability to drill down from project status views into the granular asset readiness information. This means your schedulers can control the migration details and progress can be swift and delivery focused.

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