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Deploy Juriba Enterprise in the Cloud or On-Premise

Juriba Enterprise, the world's first Digital Workplace Management platform can be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise. This provides enterprises the flexibility to choose their preferred deployment option that fits their needs.


Why Juriba Cloud?

Dashworks is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application in the cloud running on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

Supporting Your Cloud First Strategy

Many enterprises now have a cloud-first procurement strategy for applications, and Dashworks cloud fully supports both public and private data sources.

Fully Maintained Platform

Platform maintenance, software upgrades, and security patching will all be managed by Juriba and are included in the price of your subscription.

Immediate Turnaround, Same Service

A new instance of Dashworks can be provisioned for customers in around 15 minutes, without the need for them to provide any infrastructure.

Cloud vs. On-Premise Comparison

The table below summarizes the major differences between a

Cloud and On-premise implementation of Dashworks.


Windows X
Native Logins X
Office 365 (SSO)
OpenID (SSO)
Legacy Self-Service X
Direct Database Manipulation X
Data Imports
Mailboxes Coming Q2/2022
Group Memberships Coming Q3/2022

Native AD import only

Native Data Import
Active Directory Via API
MS Intune Via API Via API
ServiceNow Via API Via API
MS Exchange X
Application Support

Normal Support hours

Normal Support hours

Platform Support

24 x 7 x 365

Not available



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the API & SSO just for cloud?

No! The Dashworks API can, and should, be used on-premise too. This creates supported and robust customizations. SSO logins integrated with Microsoft 365 can also be used on-premise.

Do customers have to engage a Juriba consultant to use the API?

No. The API is documented within Dashworks and is designed to industry standards so it’s simple for any experienced API user to understand. Our PowerShell modules and example scripts are also there to help our customers use the API themselves.

Is Dashworks On-Premise going away?

No. There are no plans to depreciate Dashworks on-premise at this time.

Is customers' data secure in Dashworks Cloud?

Yes. We’ve put a lot of effort into the security design of our cloud offering and have engaged CREST accredited security companies to assess our security posture. We’re happy to talk to any customers about how we meet their security requirements.

Can you specify the location for the Dashworks cloud service?

Dashworks is available across the globe in geographies that can defined by the customer to ensure individual data residency and regulatory requirements are easily met and to provide the best performance for your end-users.

When is AppM coming to the Cloud?

Late 2022, but hopefully sooner. We have some discovery work to do to fully understand the scope of what’s required to achieve this.