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Cloud Migration In A Box

Fast, accurate and dynamic. The intelligent cloud migration solution.

Dashworks-Cloud-BrowserMore than a desktop migration tool in the sky

It’s not only large enterprises that face problems in migrating to a new desktop operating system. Dashworks Cloud is the solution to managing your desktop transformation project for organizations of 500 – 5,000 users. Enjoy the same data warehousing, compatibility analytics and project management as the largest enterprises in the world, at a fraction of the cost.

Dashworks Cloud makes it quick and effortless to run your desktop transformation project from work or home, on any device you choose. Dashworks Cloud securely stores your user, computer, and application data, seamlessly profiling and analyzing them for compatibility and creating a single version of truth for your project. It shows you the most efficient path to deployment and dashboards for your project readiness in real-time.

Fast, accurate and dynamic — intelligent migration.

You can be in complete control because Dashworks provides you with:

  • Single version of project truth — no more spreadsheets
  • Single pane of glass from which to view project summary to detailed information
  • All resources working on the same dataset
  • Real-time impact analysis for the project team
  • See who is ready and what is holding you up, immediately
  • Reduce project ‘heavy-lifting’ with automation of repetitive tasks (e.g., end-user emails, workflow triggers)
  • Better end-user engagement with self-service data validation and scheduling
  • One-stop shop for all your project reporting needs
  • Spin up your next IT migration project in minutes — no reinventing the wheel for future projects

Your end-users become an asset rather than a liability, helping rather than hindering you. 

All that heavy lifting associated with collecting and validating information is gone. Automation triggers are taking care of your end-user communications and deployments.  Now you can concentrate on what is important.  Let the engine do its work while you point it in the right direction.

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