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Active Directory Migration

Whether you were recently engaged in a merger or acquisition, a move to the cloud with Active Directory Azure, or are migrating your Active Directory for another reason, with Dashworks, Juriba's Workplace Automation, you are in control at all times hence, reducing the risk of business disruption.


Of hours of manual labor saved per year through smart workflows and end-to-end automation.


Annual Savings over three years when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects using Dashworks.


ROI in just 12 months when managing multiple Evergreen IT projects using Dashworks.

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How Juriba Can Help

Available as part of Dashworks' Enterprise platform or a single Active Directory Migration Dashworks Project Pack, our automation allows you to:

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    Always be in control. By managing everything in one central command and control center and using actionable insights and intelligent workflows to automate the entire process end-to-end, you are always in the driver's seat.

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    Empower your end users. AD migration projects require a lot of user input and interaction. Automate your project communication with T-minus-based emails and allow users to use self-service for data validation and scheduling.

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    Minimize Risks. Active Directory migrations are a huge administrative and scheduling nightmare. By using Juriba, you minimize if not eliminate the risk of errors caused by human intervention.

How It Works

Active Directory migration projects are highly complex and carry enormous risks.
With Juriba's AD Migration solution, you are always in control.


Quickly and easily gather all relevant data using our certified connectors and aggregate it into the central data warehouse. Layer organizational, locations, department, and user data for a complete picture and apply custom fields for a full set of project baseline data.

Actionable Insights

Use filters to quickly identify out-of-scope users/objects, ensure the correct user number per location, and determine which objects are primary and which need to be merged. Also, you can pull additional data from Dell Migration Manager, Binary Tree, and Microsoft tools.

Easy Project Setup

To start your AD migration project, create your migration paths, the to-be-tracked tasks, the groups and deployment teams, as well as the emails you want to send and configure your self-service portal. This configuration is your blueprint for managing your migration.

Onboard All Objects

Schedulers can begin their work right away as in-scope users and objects inherit the default readiness status, and groups can be analyzed for group memberships, permissions, and other key LDAP properties. You can also extract reports to initiate key activities.

Readiness & Scheduling

Trigger automated emails to your users, quickly validate and rationalize data through the self-service portal, e.g., permissions and folder requirements. Dashboards display real-time progress and what is holding up the most migrations.

Migration & Deployment

Allow users who are switched to 'green' (= ready for migration) to set a migration date. Dashworks will then trigger the migration activity through tools like Microsoft PowerShell scripts, Dell Migration Manager, or Binary Tree, and report back on deployment success.

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